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New Year, New Principal
Jun 27, 10:05 AM:

After history of academic shortcomings Westinghouse High School addresses achievement issues through administrative change. Having switched principals 3 times already, fails to address real student issues.

High Scoring Charters Closed
Jun 26, 11:11 AM:

Alameda County Board of Education votes to close American Indian Charters based on alleged mismanagement of public funds. 1200 K-12 students now face loss of their school despite remarkable academic success.

NCLB Standards And Penalties Unrealistic
Jun 24, 2:57 PM:

Teachers and administrators had a hard time in NH dealing with NCLB's high standards and then gradually escalating penalties. Schools were forced to use Title I funds to create improvement plans and teachers felt they were being >

Florida School Seeks Improvement
Jun 21, 10:45 AM:

Principal change at Lacoochee Elementary reflects effort to escape consistent D ratings. Addresses how substantial low-income demographic requires consideration for additional progressive options, including possible shift to >

FL Assessments Examined
Jun 21, 9:37 AM:

A task force of state education leaders formed to evaluate effects of the state's assessments and ensure accountability.  Districts support the increased time and attention given after many recent testing changes.   >

Student Performance Stays Flat
Jun 20, 6:39 PM:

Student test scores in Des Moines have risen only incrementally since last year with the biggest increase being in 11th grade math at 3.9%, an improvement attributed to increased AP enrollment. The director of curriculum says >

Decisions Remain While Schools Close
Jun 20, 6:30 PM:

The Imagine MASTer Academy and Imagine Schools on Broadway in IN have both been dissolved but legal fees that were charged to the schools to the tune of $95,000 have yet to be decided on. In its effort to appeal to authorizer >

Common Core Affects GED
Jun 20, 11:47 AM:

Testing requirements will change in 2014 to align with Common Core. Focus is on immediate costs to a few SC residents and opportunity GED affords adults. Zero on controversy surrounding Common Core or why some drop out of high >

US Not Globally Competitive
Jun 20, 10:57 AM:

Council on Foreign Relations report says achievement gap is brining American education down a few notches in world rankings. Notes slipping high school and college grad rates, and says how money is being spent is a large part of >

VA Calculates Student Growth
Jun 19, 11:52 AM:

School officials develop new way to measure student growth since achievement is now a larger part of teacher evaluations. Challenges and controversy surround use of test data. Other states have already linked teacher evaluations >

Buffalo Graduation Rates Fall
Jun 18, 1:28 PM:

Graduation rates in Buffalo, NY fall from 54% in 2011 to 47% in 2012, while state-wide averages remain stable. Vague descriptions of city's new strategies to dramatically raise these rates. 

School Turnaround
Jun 18, 5:21 AM:

FL pushes for turnaround plan for a low-performing elementary school, removing principal and creating only a primary (K-2) school next year. Kids now in grades 3-5 will be transfered.

Holding Line On Graduation Rates
Jun 18, 4:39 AM:

Graduation rate falls slightly in NYC after making huge gains since 2005.  Fall attributed to tougher criteria for earning a diploma. Outgoing mayor self-congratulates, while some candidates say his policies hurt kids. >

Bottom-Up School Culture Change
Jun 17, 1:20 PM:

A WV high school experiences a complete turnaround in morale and achievement due to teacher-led efforts. Top-down rules and mandates, the principal says, often do not include valuable input of teachers and students in schools. >

High Schools Offer Remediation Courses
Jun 17, 10:46 AM:

New IN law will require high schools to identify students in danger of having to take remedial classes in college. Law aims to prevent students from having to take on financial burden of remediation in college, since these >

Educators Prepare for Common Core
Jun 14, 11:34 AM:

During the summer, teachers must prepare quickly for the new Common Core standards.  Educators will now be more focused on their students' readiness for college and career. No doubts raised about such major change or reasons >

Common Core: Friend or Foe?
Jun 14, 9:49 AM:

In theory, Common Core aimed to establish a common nationwide test, but some concerned it's more about a nationwide curriculum. Both sides debate merit and implementation of CCSI, but issue of theory versus practice real concern. >

Study To Analyze SC School Spending
Jun 12, 6:09 PM:

Students in S.C. schools have increased by 10.3 percent but teachers and administrators has increased by 48.1. A $300,000 program analyzing non-instructional spending is proposed in the state budget. This is not just a phenomena >

Parents Against Common Core
Jun 12, 11:17 AM:

Parents are voicing concerns over adoption of Common Core standards. Many resent not having played a role in the development and demand more of a voice. 

Teacher Layoffs DC
Jun 11, 3:12 PM:

Chancellor Henderson continues reconstituion policies begun by Rhee to combat low achievement. Mixed achievement results, low teacher morale among reconstituted schools. 



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