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Parents Against Common Core
Jun 12, 11:17 AM:

Parents are voicing concerns over adoption of Common Core standards. Many resent not having played a role in the development and demand more of a voice. 

Teacher Layoffs DC
Jun 11, 3:12 PM:

Chancellor Henderson continues reconstituion policies begun by Rhee to combat low achievement. Mixed achievement results, low teacher morale among reconstituted schools. 

DE Charter Changes
May 31, 6:07 PM:

New bill proposed is aimed at improving charter school accountability. High performing charters will get longer 10 year terms, more timely allocation of funding and a creation of a charter performance fund are also in the bill. >

Making College Readiness Common
May 31, 4:23 PM:

Common Core standards in Decatur, IL will project a drop in student proficiency educators say. For instance if we were to use a grading scale a 20 to 30 percent drop is expected in scores so A students would be earning B's and C >

Accountability Bill Passes House
May 31, 3:40 PM:

Lawmakers in the CA house passed AB913 thursday. The bill aims to hold charter schools to the same open-meeting laws as school boards but some lawmakers warn that restrictions on donations could create unforeseen fiscal hurdles. >

100% College Acceptance
May 29, 11:30 AM:

TX-based IDEA public charter schools celebrate 7th year in a row of all seniors heading to college. Not only that, but students offered $15M+ in scholarships this year. No district or statewide college-going rates given for >

Parking It
May 23, 5:24 PM:

Gordon Parks Elementary School, the MO charter that got considerable press coverage last week in the wake off its charter revocation, is safe - at least temporarily. The story certainly begs the question how do we hold charter >

Closing The Gap In New Orleans
May 23, 6:50 AM:

Test scores show a narrowing of achievement gap in Recovery School District (Louisiana). District hopes results will ease way for them to takeover other traditional publics. Orleans Parish also gaining.

Record School Closings
May 23, 4:40 AM:

Chicago Board, at behest of Mayor, closes 43 schools. Union vows political revenge on Mayor, who says he's ready to take that hit. Super says closings only way to go, financially and academically, to ensure kids get better >

Whats At The Core
May 6, 11:32 AM:

As TN implements CCSS into schools how are teachers reacting? The overarching sentiment is that higher standards are good, but will implementation work and are we getting ahead of ourselves? An interesting look at what teachers >

Minority Schools Get F
May 3, 5:04 PM:

Of Houston, Texas's failing schools, the majority are predominantly black. The article brings up the important point that a significant percentage of each schools student population are special education students. But if the >

Common Core Concerns
May 2, 4:32 PM:

Common Core concerns in NH about large consulting contracts and already paying someone a 100k salary for curriculum.  Talks about repeal bills in other states, but doesn't get into specific issues.

Computer Glitches Plague Indiana
May 1, 5:20 PM:

Earlier this week, rampant computer problems caused severe difficulties for 3rd - 8th grade students taking the ISTEP+ standardized test. Many students' computers froze or crashed when trying to reach testing servers, until state >

Testing Crunch Time
Apr 23, 10:09 AM:

With stakes high for both students and teaches, local TN elementary school starts after-school program to help students prepare for state assessments.  Focusing on reading, students offered eight hours of additional instruction >

Progress on a Scoreboard
Apr 23, 9:07 AM:

FL education commissioner Tony Bennett will be introducing an online scoreboard to keep track of the state's education goals. Condensing progress down to numbers and statistics draws both critics and supporters.

Customized Support For Struggling Schools
Apr 22, 4:17 AM:

MD county ready to improve failing schools by assigning them a central office administrator mentor. How to determine which schools qualify still under debate. Qualifications of district staff to turnaround school not part of >

Student Data May Go Online
Apr 15, 4:39 PM:

FL Senate approves bill to create online student database. In addition to funding, the data affects school grades and teacher pay. Parents are concerned about who has access. The House is reviewing proposal to delay access to >

Spot On Standards
Apr 9, 6:52 AM:

Opinion piece where local TN principal applauds new social study standards.  Once disconnected, new curriculum is cumulative, well sequenced, connects events with locations.  Also praises TN history component that goes beyond >

Reasons For Cheating
Apr 8, 10:23 AM:

In light of court proceedings from Atlanta, GA, cheating case, the Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook pushes back on teachers union excuse that high-stakes testing puts pressure on educators and admins to cheat.

Welfare Linked To Student Performance
Apr 5, 8:52 AM:

News Sentinel editors say there is "serious disconnect" in high-profile TN bill linking welfare benefits to student achievement. Sponsor says proposal will force parents to become involved in schools, while opponents claim it >



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