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SC Seeks Out Dropouts
Sep 17, 5:53 AM:

One SC district has program run by volunteers that encourages dropouts to return back to school to finish their requirements for a high school diploma.  Politicians thank the volunteers for their commitment.

Working Together For Online Learning
Sep 17, 5:48 AM:

School districts in IL are coming together to offer online learning options to their students.  Administrators speak of the difficulty finding quality resources to offer, but after pooling resources kids from the different >

Agassi Helps Fund Detroit Charter
Sep 16, 11:13 AM:

Tennis great Andre Agassi's charter school fund helps open new school in Detroit area. Funds help with purchasing and renovating new facility. School curriculum to emphasize arts, theater, dance and music. Agassi cites inability >

Full Time Cyber Alternative
Sep 5, 6:30 AM:

One PA school district is expanding its blended learning program to include a full time cyber learning alternative.  In providing the highly demanded choice parents are glad students can have more individualized education options. >

Charter Conflict Boils Over
Aug 29, 6:50 AM:

Columnist squarely frames battle between Nashville schools and education reformers, says it is about money and  "school choice versus the district monopoly".  Questions why city would pull back on charters when recent testing >

Tar Heel Charter Boom
Aug 7, 5:36 AM:

Six new charter schools to open in Charlotte area, part of 23 new charters statewide. Increased competitiveness to combat appeal of charters prompts public schools to improve. Parents receptive to new charters based on success of >

Transfer Me in St. Louis
Aug 2, 6:28 AM:

Some students in failing St. Louis area school districts may be denied opportunity to transfer. One school district attempts positive spin, claiming students will have increased access to technology and more emphasis on science >

MN Charter School Evicted
Aug 1, 5:09 AM:

Minnesota School of Science was evicted from their location and then the eviction was upheld in court. Although problems started at the forced replacement of Cityview schools, the problems escalated when MSS made assumptions and >

Examining Common Core Nationally
Jul 30, 10:16 AM:

In light of recent hesitation by GA and OK to join 45 other states in adopting CC standards, PARCC officials reaffirm optimism for success of program. Some states reluctant because new tests would dramatically increase >

CT School Leader Fights For Job
Jul 22, 9:59 AM:

The superintendent of Bridgeport schools, a former politician and reform leader in many school districts across the country, is facing union opponents and parents who wish to get him fired.  Many people in the community, and Arne >

Price of PARCC Scares GA
Jul 10, 9:46 AM:

Expects Common Core to add $25 million to budget, raising doubt over state's plan to participate. Succinctly provides background of issue and critical view on both sides of debate.

In Praise Of MI Charter Authorizer
Jul 2, 12:05 PM:

Article details success of Grand Valley State University as a charter school authorizer, and how it holds authorized charters accountable. One of its charters closed this year due to poor performance, but ten more schools are >

Different Races, Different Requirements
Jul 1, 3:27 PM:

Controversial 'Plan 2020' in AL sets different testing requirements for students based on ethnicity and socioeconomic status to address achievement gaps. School board fails to notify parents, and now they speak out vehemently in >

NH Charter’s Uncertain Future
Jul 1, 12:20 PM:

Charter school application will be reviewed by state board of education. Concerns over school's location, where there are two other charters in same region. Review process comes on heels of state budget lifting charter school >

Charter Success
Jul 1, 4:41 AM:

Traces history and success of D.C. charter that opened in 1998. Charter offers language immersion programs and prepares 3 meals in on-site kitchen.  Students surrounded by the arts, as well.

School’s Out For Summer, Not
Jul 1, 4:34 AM:

Despite financial woes, some large districts nationwide opening up summer programs in order to improve academic achievement. Not only remedial work, but courses to enhance higher level learning. One prof notes traditional calendar >

Teachers Resist Performance Based Pay
Jun 28, 11:03 AM:

During contract negotiations for MN teachers, union pressing for renewal of seniority and education based salaries. Highlights past inability of traditional salary structures to address achievement gaps and presents Q Comp plan as >

Technology Takes Hold
Jun 28, 5:43 AM:

Traces brief history of technology in the classroom, noting that today's blended learning using "adaptive" programs and other online resources may be a seismic shift in education as we know it.

Sea Of Change For TN Teachers
Jun 24, 7:07 AM:

State school board approves proposal that links teacher pay to performance, adding to list of changes TN teachers have seen in recent years.  State ed leader says shifts made in order to improve learning in classroom.  Opponents >

Kicking Off Common Core
Jun 19, 8:49 AM:

TN begins huge effort to train teachers on common core standards.  Articles presents balanced arguments about benefits, rising concerns with common core.  Captures teachers feelings that standards will improve instruction and here >