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2 Seattle middle schools focus on attendance, see scores climb
Nov 21, 6:36 AM:

A study from Johns Hopkins has shown that poor attendance in as early asa 6th grade can decrease greatly the chances of high achievement and graduation.  As part of a national effort to lower the high school dropout rate, 2 >

Purcell happy with blended learning results
Nov 20, 7:19 AM:

Using blended learning in math classes has been successful for one OH high school, since students both like the program and have been able to finish the entire years' curriculum in one quarter.  The model was boosted by a generous >

San Fernando Valley charter schools unite to form advocacy council
Nov 19, 6:24 AM:

District officials will soon be dealing with a singular charter school bloc rather that 42 distint charter schools, as the schools will be represented by an official council.  The new council will streamline communications and put >

New Virtual School Coming to Washington County
Nov 15, 8:03 AM:

In combining the best aspects of technology, gaming, and common core curriculum, one county public school system will soon be getting a virtual school.  The choice offered to parents and students will provide new courses stressing >

State names new school innovation zones
Nov 15, 6:37 AM:

In a state effort to improve learning and achievement, the WV state Board of Education has implemented a waiver to state policies and grant money if districts are labeled as "innovation zones".  These zones will provide support >

Metro school board limits '14 charter expansion to certain areas
Nov 13, 7:47 AM:

Metro Nashville board restricts where new charters can set up to areas where schools are overcrowded or consistently underperforming.  Board leader says change is strategic approach to use charters as improvement tool while >

Virtual High School courses offer extras for students, insight into demand
Nov 13, 7:11 AM:

RI high schools are seeing the benefit of offering online course options to their students to either finish AP credits or get back on track for graduation.  Schools are having to hire more staff to administer the classes which are >

Lottery to fill choice slots at schools
Nov 13, 6:37 AM:

One SC county is replacing a first-come first-served system for choice schools enrollment with a computerized lottery to address problems of access and equity.  There is also safety concerns, since one mother was hospitalized for >

Education secretary Duncan discusses plight of rural schools
Nov 1, 6:46 AM:

Secretary Duncan highlighted the importance of technology and online opportunities for students in rural areas.  A proposed plan called "ConnectED" will link schools and libraries electronically to help increase college enrollment >

States make big gains in adopting more rigorous standards for teacher evaluations, study finds
Nov 1, 5:34 AM:

35 states and the District of Columbia have started using evaluations for teachers based largely on student achievement to rate teacher effectiveness.  They are also used to inform decisions on tenure, improvement plans, >

Enrollment up by nearly 1,000 among St. Paul charter schools
Oct 30, 5:11 AM:

Across St. Paul, charter school enrollment is up almost 1,000 students.  Amid jeers that the alternative programs at charters might not even offer math due to all of the language immersion and performing arts, many of the >

Catoosa County: Online academy pilot program tests for success
Oct 25, 6:28 AM:

One TN county has implemented an online academy offering core and advanced placement classes for students.  It has been called a "blessing" by parents who needed non-traditional options for their children, and who wanted better >

School leaders at Jenkins White hope innovation leads to academic growth
Oct 21, 4:55 AM:

One GA elementary charter school is allowing students to use creativity through arts to learn subjects like math or science.  It is the only school in the district to offer infused program, does so while serving students who >

OPS teacher evaluations on table as school district's strategic plan takes shape
Oct 17, 5:32 PM:

School board considers changes to teacher evaluations while drafting strategic plan. Possible reforms include emphasis on student achievement in evaluations, tenure distribution and how to deal with failing teachers. Plan still in >

Seven local school districts win approval for the state's school choice program
Oct 10, 5:56 AM:

Over 30 school districts in NJ are now a part of its school choice program to accept students from outside their districts.  Some joined to increase their enrollment, as number of students participating in the programs is >

Bill de Blasio and Civil Rights
Oct 10, 5:09 AM:

Many NY families marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday to show their support for their charter schools and to protest mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's stance on them.  They see charters as an important civil rights issue >

Virtual school’s first year brings hurdles to jump, leaps of success
Oct 3, 6:21 AM:

The majority of students at one TX online school are involved in non-traditional activities, like intensive dance training, that would be limited by attending a brick and mortar school.  The school also allows for field trips and >

PG school named one of best in Virginia
Sep 30, 1:34 PM:

Local elementary school earns accreditation as a National Blue Ribbon School thanks to its teachers. School was nominated by state’s DOE, claiming nomination was due to maintenance in performance despite increasing standards. >

Under new evaluations, more than half of DC principals rated below ‘effective’
Sep 30, 5:57 AM:

New evaluation system rates more than half of DC traditional public school principals as ineffective. Evaluations  based in part on student achievement and testing prompted by policy climate of last few years. Large number of >

State report cards show: Charter schools do better than big-city schools in another study
Sep 27, 5:06 AM:

The Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools released a report comparing charters to traditional public schools in the state in more apples-to-apples way than an earlier study.  Report shows better charter school performance than >