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TN County Brings Learning Online
Oct 25, 6:28 AM:

One TN county has implemented an online academy offering core and advanced placement classes for students.  It has been called a "blessing" by parents who needed non-traditional options for their children, and who wanted better >

Charter School’s Innovation
Oct 21, 4:55 AM:

One GA elementary charter school is allowing students to use creativity through arts to learn subjects like math or science.  It is the only school in the district to offer infused program, does so while serving students who >

Omaha Teacher Reforms
Oct 17, 5:32 PM:

School board considers changes to teacher evaluations while drafting strategic plan. Possible reforms include emphasis on student achievement in evaluations, tenure distribution and how to deal with failing teachers. Plan still in >

NJ Provides Choice
Oct 10, 5:56 AM:

Over 30 school districts in NJ are now a part of its school choice program to accept students from outside their districts.  Some joined to increase their enrollment, as number of students participating in the programs is >

Charters & Civil Rights
Oct 10, 5:09 AM:

Many NY families marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday to show their support for their charter schools and to protest mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's stance on them.  They see charters as an important civil rights issue >

TX Online School Brings Opportunity
Oct 3, 6:21 AM:

The majority of students at one TX online school are involved in non-traditional activities, like intensive dance training, that would be limited by attending a brick and mortar school.  The school also allows for field trips and >

Virginia School Claims National Honor
Sep 30, 1:34 PM:

Local elementary school earns accreditation as a National Blue Ribbon School thanks to its teachers. School was nominated by state’s DOE, claiming nomination was due to maintenance in performance despite increasing standards. >

DC’s Ineffective Principals
Sep 30, 5:57 AM:

New evaluation system rates more than half of DC traditional public school principals as ineffective. Evaluations  based in part on student achievement and testing prompted by policy climate of last few years. Large number of >

Charter Alliance Clarifies Data
Sep 27, 5:06 AM:

The Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools released a report comparing charters to traditional public schools in the state in more apples-to-apples way than an earlier study.  Report shows better charter school performance than >

NY Teacher Qualifications
Sep 24, 4:35 AM:

SUNY will adopt increased standards for students preparing to be teachers.  The plan was announced by Governor Cuomo and was supported by the state teachers union.

KS Charters Decrease
Sep 23, 5:17 AM:

The number of charter schools in the state has been decreasing recently as conversions back to traditional public schools rises.  Most of the charters only reorganized as such for public grants a few years ago, making them be >

Bronx Parent Power
Sep 19, 12:33 PM:

Local college creates parent center to get parents more active in children's education. Center holds workshops on academic subjects and parent leadership. Program creators claim the center illustrates parental eagerness to get >

SC Seeks Out Dropouts
Sep 17, 5:53 AM:

One SC district has program run by volunteers that encourages dropouts to return back to school to finish their requirements for a high school diploma.  Politicians thank the volunteers for their commitment.

Working Together For Online Learning
Sep 17, 5:48 AM:

School districts in IL are coming together to offer online learning options to their students.  Administrators speak of the difficulty finding quality resources to offer, but after pooling resources kids from the different >

Agassi Helps Fund Detroit Charter
Sep 16, 11:13 AM:

Tennis great Andre Agassi's charter school fund helps open new school in Detroit area. Funds help with purchasing and renovating new facility. School curriculum to emphasize arts, theater, dance and music. Agassi cites inability >

Full Time Cyber Alternative
Sep 5, 6:30 AM:

One PA school district is expanding its blended learning program to include a full time cyber learning alternative.  In providing the highly demanded choice parents are glad students can have more individualized education options. >

Charter Conflict Boils Over
Aug 29, 6:50 AM:

Columnist squarely frames battle between Nashville schools and education reformers, says it is about money and  "school choice versus the district monopoly".  Questions why city would pull back on charters when recent testing >

Tar Heel Charter Boom
Aug 7, 5:36 AM:

Six new charter schools to open in Charlotte area, part of 23 new charters statewide. Increased competitiveness to combat appeal of charters prompts public schools to improve. Parents receptive to new charters based on success of >

Transfer Me in St. Louis
Aug 2, 6:28 AM:

Some students in failing St. Louis area school districts may be denied opportunity to transfer. One school district attempts positive spin, claiming students will have increased access to technology and more emphasis on science >

MN Charter School Evicted
Aug 1, 5:09 AM:

Minnesota School of Science was evicted from their location and then the eviction was upheld in court. Although problems started at the forced replacement of Cityview schools, the problems escalated when MSS made assumptions and >