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The Power of an Impassioned Principal
Nov 17, 9:41 AM:

Principal Sharon Clark stepped into her football team’s weight room with a fearless stride. Boys in muscle shirts scattered about, the pungent bouquet of teen sweat clinging to the walls—this place signified male sanctuary like no >

Innovation Contradiction
Nov 9, 6:57 AM:

Charter parents in Palm Beach, FL plead with district to allow popular charter to expand into high school grades.  District denied proposal for lacking innovation.  Story notes irony in board member comments after vote about >

Call for DC Vouchers (CER in the news)
Oct 12, 8:20 AM:

Missing from the Oct. 9 Metro article “8 on council seek end to private school vouchers” were the voices of families and students who have benefited from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, a life-changing path to a better education >

Kara Kerwin: Standing up for charter schools
Aug 11, 8:50 AM:

Too few of our modern-day state leaders appreciate the absolute role they must play in bringing about substantive change in America’s schools. Even with more than half of states electing reform-minded governors who have either >

Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble
Aug 10, 8:45 AM:

Just a few years after the recession caused widespread layoffs for teachers, school districts now find themselves with numerous job vacancies and few qualified candidates to choose from.

Homeschooling in the City
Aug 10, 8:42 AM:

Today, as many as 2 million—or 2.5 percent—of the nation’s 77 million school-age children are educated at home, and increasing numbers of them live in cities.

10 things to know about private school vouchers
Aug 3, 6:01 AM:

Wisconsin's private school voucher program likely is here to stay in the Green Bay area and throughout the state.

Leaps and Bounds
Jul 21, 7:46 AM:

NY charter makes huge strides in boys' educations outcomes using tech-based instruction. Provides details on students' successes, school details, and background information.

Charter School Plans Revealed
Jul 10, 6:53 AM:

AR charter school proposal announced to public. Includes information on partnerships with university and estimates on enrollment.

FL Voucher Victory
May 19, 4:28 AM:

FL judge dismisses voucher case, says groups challenging law cannot prove they are harmed by program.  State teacher union says their claim that vouchers are unconstitutional still valid, considering next steps.   Other voucher >

Senate Unveils NCLB Proposal
Apr 8, 8:39 AM:

Bipartisan proposal to reauthorize No Child Left Behind released by Senate Education Committee. Bill gives latitude to states and districts over how to spend federal funds for teacher evaluations and low-performing schools, >

School Choice Momentum
Jan 26, 7:34 AM:

Look at how the national school choice movement pushing FL districts to improve options for students.  Story discusses rocky relationship between charters and districts, provides personal stories of families benefiting from >

Scott Over Crist in FL
Nov 5, 8:47 AM:

Gov Scott defeats Charlie Crist in race for FL’s highest office.  Story looks at education funding issues that dominated debate, highlights vital role of teacher unions in Crist campaign. Commentary from CER on Crist’s anti-choice >

Increasing Options In ME
Jul 21, 8:37 AM:

ME will host an information session for its first full-time, tuition-free virtual public charter school for students in 7-12. Purely informative piece that provides ample background and details for those interested. 

Alternative Schedule Sought
Jul 15, 5:42 AM:

New K-5 charter in Gainesville, FL serves up fresh approach to school schedule with longer day, extended year.  Extra time pleases parents, school has wait list for most grades. Official says revamped calendar gives kids >

Digital Learning Gap
Jul 14, 7:15 AM:

MS technology access gap contributing to low-graduation rates will resolve by making high-speed Internet readily available.  Provides in-depth look using ample data and case study of online-learning model implemented by school.  >

Online Education Rising
Jul 10, 7:38 AM:

Second virtual school opens in MA to target students who don't thrive in traditional public schools. Provides detailed information on school's background, implementation and supplies means for parents to get connected.  >

Whole Story On FL Vouchers
Jun 30, 6:53 AM:

Fact check on recent statement made by FL gubernatorial candidate that voucher taking $3 billion away from public schools. Article concludes allegation false, explains how business tax credit structure works. Writer points out >

Meeting Expectations
Jun 30, 5:54 AM:

OR charter meets community's high expectations and growth is projected. Testimonies provide glimpse of everyday classroom dynamics and balanced picture of the ups and downs charter schools endure.

Cherished Charter
Jun 3, 5:12 AM:

Specialized charter serving kids with autism and other learning-related disabilities has great success, expands to third FL location.  Parents refer to new school as a "godsend", like individualized instruction, full-time support >