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Parent Trigger charter school switches from Adelanto to county school
Mar 8, 6:17 AM: In 2012, residents of the High Desert city of Adelanto pulled off a first: They forced a failing school in the Adelanto Elementary School District to close its doors and reopen as a charter school, in the first successful use of >
Livermore: District says charter school illegally charging tuition to foreign pupils
Jan 6, 7:02 AM: A bustling charter school that enrolls about 60 international students who each pay more than $15,000 annually is coming under fire for violating the state education code.
Md. to partner with private sector to open 4 high school-college programs
Nov 24, 7:40 AM:

Maryland will join a small number of states that are partnering with IBM and other businesses to train students for technology jobs through a six-year program that blends high school, college and work experience, Gov. Larry Hogan >

Unions Eye L.A. Charter Schools (CER in the news)
Nov 17, 9:44 AM:

As teachers unions ramp up efforts to organize the fast-growing charter school movement, one of the biggest and most contentious fights is taking place at a chain of schools in Los Angeles.

Relocation Revel
Nov 12, 7:25 AM:

Local Chamber of Commerce in Plant City, FL celebrates new charter location during ribbon cutting ceremony.  Charter needed new campus to accommodate growing enrollment.  Charter leader says school has quality program and engaged >

Flawed FL Tests?
Oct 26, 8:37 AM:

School superintendents in FL lead fight against state tests, say assessments invalid.  Leaders say questions created using Utah standards and several computer glitches during online testing windows corrupt results.  Story covers >

Collaboration Helps Homeless Kids
Oct 20, 5:37 AM:

FL district & local ministry form special partnership, expand charter school for homeless kids. Leaders say school engages parents, provides consistency for students that are at risk of being shuffled from building to building. >

Philadelphia Charter Fosters Growth
Oct 13, 6:23 AM:

THERE'S NO DOUBT that academics are a top priority at Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures Charter School, but equally important, its educators say, is the school's focus on teaching the whole child.

Reactions to Duncan’s Departure
Oct 6, 9:14 AM:

Controversies over Duncan's tenure as Secretary of Education come to light; successor supports charters and increased accountability. 

Principal Autonomy
Oct 6, 5:48 AM:

FL lawmaker proposes bill to match good principals to low-rated schools, give leaders more authority about how to spend money/ improve performance.  Principals could replace teachers, pick different textbooks.  Sponsor says >

Boehner’s Resignation Impacts NCLB Rewrite
Sep 29, 8:46 AM:

Congress is closer than it's ever been to overhauling the No Child Left Behind Act, but Boehner's resignation could impede efforts. Long term consequences unknown for reauthorizing the bill. 

Success Centers
Sep 28, 6:31 AM:

FL district sends suspended kids to off-campus centers where they work on academics and personal values. Program in second year, finding much success. Leaders credit positive reinforcement and individualized instruction.

Unexpected Funding Change
Sep 18, 5:21 AM:

FL district modifies payments to charters for kids with special needs, say schools were overpaid for years.   Charters caught off-guard; upset they didn't have time to plan for funding change.  Charter leaders want district to >

High Technology Use Halts Learning
Sep 15, 8:56 AM:

More time spent on technology in the classroom doesn’t necessarily help kids do better in school, a new study has found.

Teachers Strike in Seattle
Sep 15, 5:47 AM:

More protests are planned for Tuesday, as teachers and other school employees continue to say they want more than the district is offering — on pay, and testing, the caseload of specialists and the length of the school day. >

Heart Behind Charter
Sep 14, 9:05 AM:

Ashlee Wright finds a passion for teaching, opens alternative charter in Winter Haven, FL.  School in its 5th year, targets kids that have trouble in regular school setting. Story covers Ms. Wrights education & background, >

Confusing Denial For Charter
Sep 9, 6:03 AM:

Charter group says it is getting “mixed messages” from local FL school board after application denied for second time.  Board says despite improvements, application still has gaps related to budget and governance.   Charter wants >

Charter Teachers Push to Unionize
Sep 8, 9:18 AM:

Several dozen teachers from Grand Center Arts Academy stood across the street from their school Friday and explained that their attempt to unionize had more to do with attracting and keeping good teachers than any friction with >

Chicago Schools Face Crash
Sep 8, 8:45 AM:

The nation’s third-largest public school system is set to open Tuesday without enough money to make it through the school year, as layoffs, school closings and contract fights have failed to stem mounting fiscal problems. >

Explosion Of Innovation
Sep 3, 8:32 AM:

Story gives run-down on new school options in South Florida. Teacher says competition from charters and private schools one of the reason for boost.  Story notes over half the students in Miami-Dade attend a magnet or choice >