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School Board approves charter school despite previous concerns
Nov 19, 9:29 AM:

Local FL school board approves charter after close review.  New charter will promote small class sizes; pay particular attention to social and emotional learning in a collaborative setting.  Story covers vetting process, concerns >

Duval charter enrollment flattens for first time in eight years
Nov 18, 5:57 AM:

FL district claims victory in slowing charter flight, points to recent enrollment number that show number of charter students leveling off.   Sup credits recent expansion of magnet and other specialty programs for keeping kids in >

School board set to reject second Charter Schools USA school for not being “innovative”
Nov 4, 7:44 AM:

FL district on track to deny another charter proposal for not being innovative enough.  Groups already tied up in court over same issue.  District says charters need to offer something different than what traditional schools do.  >

Money for disabled students restored at Palm Beach Co. charter schools
Oct 30, 6:47 AM:

FL district says it’s been overpaying charters to educate kids with special needs, postpones plan to adjust payments after protests.  Charter leaders threatened lawsuits; said cuts would disrupt services to special need students.  >

School Board quizzes Resilience charter school backers
Oct 28, 5:45 AM:

Local FL school board takes charter to task at first hearing to discuss new school.  Members concerned charter not “unique” enough, raise questions about accountability measures.   Charter leaders respond, note lack of choices for >

Chicopee teachers' union, School Committee call for charter school moratorium
Oct 13, 8:57 AM:

Massachusetts Teachers Union is gearing up to sponser a bill that would put a moratorium on new charter schools and charter growth in the state until 2018. Biased against charters. 

Neighborhood councils to consider state-proposed charters for six Memphis schools
Oct 13, 6:46 AM:

The councils are a critical component in the district’s new community engagement initiative, rolled out during the summer after ASD officials acknowledged numerous missteps when taking over other Memphis schools during its first >

State board considers limits on charter school loans
Oct 12, 8:00 AM:

A proposal that could limit the amount a charter school can borrow from a new state loan program based on a school’s enrollment is facing opposition from some school advocates.

Advocate: PBC becoming ground-zero in charter battle; 3 schools denied
Oct 8, 6:48 AM:

FL district taking hard line on charter applications; denies any proposal that does not show innovation.  Three charters turned down in latest review.  Charter advocate says district acting outside of law, appeals likely.  Story >

Lawmakers debate rule on failing charter schools
Oct 7, 5:06 AM:

FL lawmakers want more charter accountability, consider proposal to automatically terminate charter if school earns F-rating two years in a row.  One lawmaker concerned rule will deter charters from enrolling kids most at- risk of >

Yost Will Track Spending Of New Charter School Money
Oct 6, 8:21 AM:

Ohio State Auditor to track how charter money is utilized after Ohio DOE official admits to changing data to benefit charter schools. 

School Board has reservations about charter application
Oct 6, 6:53 AM:

The Lake County School Board has delayed approving an application for a high-performing charter school in Minneola, citing concerns about the financial stability of the applicant.

1,400 South Florida teachers apply for $10,000 bonus
Oct 5, 8:49 AM:

Concerns continue to flood FL bonus program that awards teachers for high SAT scores taken in high school. Story breaks down local applicant numbers, details problems getting documentation of original SAT reports. Teachers call >

Few surprises, lots of questions from first results of new Florida standardized tests
Oct 1, 6:06 AM:

FL districts underwhelmed by results from new state tests released yesterday, say too many problems for data to be useful.  Despite independent review validating assessments, local education leaders want state to delay using >

Charter love: Feds give $157 million to expand charter schools
Sep 29, 8:48 AM:

Arne Duncan, a charter school advocate, will increase funding to charters across the nation, despite ciriticisms from both sides of the issue. Fair in assessing charter strength and ability to turnaround public schools.  >

Community Schools initiative moves forward
Sep 29, 8:38 AM:

Local leaders outlined next steps in opening Tallahassee’s inaugural “community school” — a hub where students receive education and increased access to social services — in the following year.

Charter schools shortchanged
Sep 29, 5:53 AM:

Equitable funding for students living in poverty being currently debated in Indianapolis for Title I schools in the state of Indiana. Fairly assesses the issue. 

15,000 pro-charter protesters ready to rail against de Blasio
Sep 29, 5:47 AM:

The feud between Mayor de Blasio and charter-school advocates heats up on Wednesday as 15,000 parents and students hold a massive pro-charter rally demanding higher-quality schools for all kids.

PBC school board challenges charter school approval process
Sep 29, 5:25 AM:

School board in Palm Beach Co, FL files court case, says state’s power to overturn local decisions on charters unconstitutional.  District claims state’s interference undermines local board ability to meet the need of kids.  >

School Board denies Palm Bay charter school
Sep 23, 5:17 AM:

Local FL school district rejects plan for career tech charter, says proposal missing key details about how to serve at-risk population.  Supporters plan appeal, say application not fairly judged.  General consensus around need to >