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Uneasiness Surrounds School Governance Bill
Nov 16, 10:23 AM:

FL lawmakers pitch change to Constitution to revamp school district boundaries and oversight.  Opponents see proposal as an attempt to reign in out-of-touch school board in South FL, express concerns about impact on rest of the >

Local Tax Tiff
Nov 2, 6:54 AM:

FL district and charters turn to state mediation to settle dispute about local tax distribution.  Charters want their students to get equal part of an operating levy approved by voters 5 years ago.  State law does not mandate they >

Careful Charter Consideration
Oct 27, 6:16 AM:

FL district takes extra time to examine new charter proposal after the closure of two charters last year.  School board gives props to charter for their diligence & patience, unanimously approves application.  School leader says >

Security Failure Shatters Charter
Oct 14, 6:25 AM:

FL families have deep regrets and pull kids from new charter after safety violations exposed. Report says kids left unattended and bullying not addressed.  Story suggests disorder result of “lenient” state law regarding district >

Charter Roadblock
Oct 12, 6:12 AM:

Big charter network in FL wants to open a new K-6 school, faces rejection because of track record at other schools.  District concerned about charter governance and violations related to enrollment reports and special education >

Cincinnati Pushes Against Charters
Oct 6, 8:33 AM:

In August, the Greater Cincinnati School Advocacy Network took a stand against testing edicts and charter schools, saying they siphon money away from needy public schools. 

Finance Inconsistency Delays Charter
Oct 5, 6:29 AM:

FL district delays vote on new charter after board finds conflicting info on finance reports.  Charter claimed company operates in black, but records show sister school in Orlando ending year with deficit.  Story notes board >

Charter Resolve
Sep 22, 5:00 AM:

Charter high school in FL asks to expand into middle school grades. District delays vote to allow charter to address deficiencies in application.  Charter leader contends issues have been addressed; says district is trying to >

National Charter Movement Faces Challenges
Sep 15, 8:58 AM:

The charter school movement has experienced remarkable growth in the past five years, but that growth may stall if the movement can't overcome a few challenges.

Failings Lead To Charter Closure
Sep 1, 6:06 AM:

FL charter closes after long list of violations related to finances and academics made public.  Leader says enrollment dropped after district released correction order, school could not generate enough money to stay open.  >

Narrowing Choice
Jul 29, 7:55 AM:

Families coping with Garden Montessori Charter School's unexpected decision not to open in August won't have many new choices among Pasco County public schools heading into the new academic year.

DOE Rejects Intent Letter
Jul 29, 7:02 AM:

The state Education Department has once again said no to a local group that wants to establish a charter school — and school founder Donna Bennett is once again pledging to continue her effort.

Private School Takeover
Jul 29, 5:23 AM:

Some parents are thinking about making academic changes this year after a state takeover of the Little Rock School District. Because of this, private schools are seeing the benefit.

Official Bonus Details
Jul 28, 7:23 AM:

Teachers and school districts now have official guidance from the state on the controversial teacher bonus based on ACT and SAT scores.

Expanding Enrollment
Jul 28, 5:42 AM:

While the school’s cost requires a certain amount of family wealth, a handful of Arizona students attend with the help of the state’s private-school tax-credit program, which allows individuals to get a dollar-for-dollar tax >

Residents Protest Charter School
Jul 24, 6:52 AM:

Borrowing from a new playbook, Southwest Side elected officials and the area’s Local School Councils came out swinging Thursday against a proposal to place two new Noble Network charter schools in that area.

District Applauds Charter Rejection
Jul 22, 7:23 AM
Charter Saved, Employees Fired
Jul 22, 6:10 AM:

In effort to save $12 million PA Cyber charter school lays off 43 employees. With declining enrollment school felt restructuring was necessary. Provides positive outlook for school's future, however.

The ‘Charter Drain’
Jul 22, 6:08 AM:

PA school districts complain of the loss of funds when students move to charters. Have started implementing different policies to try and get students back.

Charter Schools Increase
Jul 20, 6:40 AM:

NJ will open up four new charter schools for upcoming school year making statewide number 89. Presents minimal information and misses mark in both context and engagement.