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Chicago Charter Resolution Not Passed
Oct 6, 6:49 AM:

Chicago  chairman of education committee has thwarted a resolution in support of a one-year statewide moratorium on the opening of new charter schools. Biased against charters. 

Concerns Shred Charter Plan
Sep 11, 9:03 AM:

Residents rejoice after FL charter pulls plan for school in neighborhood.  County official had given go ahead despite community concerns about traffic issues, size of land parcel.  Charter officials say land cost & road >

Online Learning Brings New Opportunities
Jul 23, 7:39 AM:

An online Idaho school works as a public charter school to give students opportunities both in their academic and everyday lives.

Charter Choice
Jun 2, 5:43 AM:

With no chance of district building a new school in the area, FL municipality considers options to open charter.  Mayor pushes for municipal charter, says community won’t “accept” private charter company coming in.  Local >

Charter Turmoil in Tamarac
May 19, 6:32 AM:

Anti-charter speakers flood local city commission meeting in FL, question location and need for new school.  City wants closure, says they’ve outlined many non-negotiable conditions for charter to meet.  Leader notes no formal >

Unionization At Charter School?
May 18, 9:09 AM:

Staff at Philly charter second school to have chance to decide if they will be represented by a union in referendum. Interviews no school employees, summarizes legal argument that brought about vote.

Judge Says No To Charter
May 12, 6:56 AM:

A two-year long court battle ends in rejection for would-be charter operator in Camden, NJ.  Court cites operational and recruitment issues for justification.  Provides no information on general charter sector issues, nor charter >

Charter -Sized Hole
Apr 22, 6:11 AM:

FL district blames projected budget shortfall on increase in charter students, gives board ideas on how to make up shortage.  Members upset at how difficult it is to predict charter enrollment.   No mention of cost savings at >

High Turnover Ends Charter
Mar 3, 7:43 AM:

FL district decides to close charter because of poor academics.  Story suggests school’s failure result of high absentee and mobility rate, compares stats with district schools.  Charter principal recognizes challenges mobility >

Year-Round Options In NC
Jan 20, 6:37 AM:

Petition for year-round education options gains support and shows parental interest in summer school. Offers little explanation of bill details, lacks big-picture impact, and only highlights one side.

MN Educational Environment
Jan 13, 7:15 AM:

MN charter school offers alternative learning centered around the world environment. Discusses purpose of outdoor-focused school, but does not provide details, potential consequences, or larger impact.

Bill: Charter Must Fill Need
Jan 8, 7:41 AM:

FL lawmaker thinks charters have drifted away from their original intent, proposes bill to make charter applicants show they will offering something different than what traditional public schools provide.  Article suggests state >

MN Suburban Demographic
Jan 5, 7:32 AM:

Alternative-style learning schools where students learn by ability level, not grade, become more prominent in suburban areas. While students approve program, some parents and tentmakers find concept confusing. Includes information >

York Reaches Decision
Dec 29, 6:33 AM:

Educators concerned over court ruling paving way for charter conversion plan. Headline, perspectives entirely one-sided. District plans to appeal decision over state receivership.

FL Charter Closure Angst
Dec 17, 10:31 AM:

Financial trouble forces FL charter to close abruptly.  Parents disappointed, scramble to find other schooling options.  District steps in to reassign students and staff.  Story suggests financial issues may be result unpaid state >

Public money for schools buys private property
Dec 15, 11:35 AM:

Questions raised about whether a charter management organization should have ownership over supplies housed in school buildings. Though some charter schools have this type of arrangement, article fails to specify how much, if any, >

Deadline has passed for decision on charter suspensions
Dec 15, 11:26 AM:

Still no word from Michigan Superintendent on fate of charter authorizers that were deemed at risk of suspension in August. Charter authorizers still unable to inform schools and communities of official actions taken.

Who owns school contents being litigated in Ohio
Dec 15, 11:21 AM:

Case pending before Ohio Supreme Court on question of whether contents inside a school building but purchased by management organization rightfully belong to the school. 

School leaders claim ownership because contents bought >

TFA Tiff
Dec 10, 5:56 AM:

Teachers upset with district plan to use Teach For America to fill vacancies at several struggling schools, say openings result of inadequate teacher pay.  Story covers board discussion, teacher protest, but omits big picture >

Charter Wind Down
Dec 9, 7:17 AM:

Hillsborough Co. school district in FL set to approve 2 charters for next year.  Story touches on charter innovation, notes drop in applications but offers no reason for decline.  Approval process and charter stats discussed.     >