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NCSD board denies charter school application; founders plan appeal
Sep 29, 5:55 AM:

The Natrona County School District voted unanimously Monday evening against opening a charter school in Casper.

Florida Senate weighs charter school reform options
Mar 12, 5:31 AM:

FL lawmakers consider myriad of bills related to charter schools.  Story provides rundown of proposals; focuses heavily on high number of charter closures & claims that charter operators fleecing taxpayers.

Sunrise passes one-year moratorium on charter schools
Jan 28, 6:43 AM:

City commissioners in Sunrise, FL want time to study charter impact on traffic and safety, vote to ban charter approvals for one year.   Story vaguely references concerns about recent charter closures and commercial property tax, >

YEA opposes charter school idea
Nov 24, 6:54 AM:

OH public school, YEA, opposes motions to convert to charter school. Lacks background information and omits details regarding need for conversion.

A new option for public schools in Rochester?
Nov 19, 7:33 AM:

NY urban public boarding school that reaches poverty-stricken students is in the works. Includes irrelevant details and overarching inaccuracies about the education system in general.

Teachers at Priority Schools feel burden of blame
Oct 29, 5:42 AM:

Failing school district selected for turnaround initiative blames teachers for issues. Uses irrelevant quotes and comments and omits crucial information regarding situation at hand.

Charter school applicants have troubled histories
Aug 25, 7:39 AM:

Three FL school districts say they have no way to deny charters with poor track records, suggest state will overturn any rejections.  Story implies weak applicant standards, minimal charter guidelines.  Lists pending charter >

Officials: Charter schools leading to school re-segregation
Aug 8, 4:16 AM:

News story claims FL charters lack diversity, causing “a re-segregation of public schools”.  State Senator calls charter choice a “guise”, says schools only trying to appease for-profit management companies. Local Sup contends >

In Detroit, quality schools still elusive
Jun 28, 2:19 PM:

Main claim is charter schools in Detroit have not lived up to their promise, quality schools are rarity throughout the city. Highlights a select few charter schools to illustrate poor performance of entire charter sector in >

Gov. Haslam: Future of Huffman not on radar yet
Jun 27, 7:21 AM:

TN governor focuses on running for reelection and does not feel it’s the right time to decide fate of his education commissioner. Does not report on any substantial new information but rather, uses medium for campaigning.   >

Tangled web at two charter schools shows shortcomings of state law
Jun 24, 6:00 AM:

Two examples of malfeasance used to argue for more regulatory power over Michigan charter schools. Details conflicts and wrongdoing, while also reporting that the charter authorizer took necessary steps to address them. Attempts >

Other states stricter than Michigan on charters, some ban for-profits
Jun 22, 2:06 PM:

Main argument laid out in first sentence equates tougher charter laws with prohibition of for-profit management organizations. Mischaracterizes relationship management organizations have with charter schools as controlling, >

Knox County Schools discuss budget reduction and charter school proposal
Jun 3, 6:40 AM:

Insufficient funding in TN schools may cut crucial education programs and prevent teacher raises. Presents inadequate coverage of facts and lacks fluidity, making it hard to follow. 

Florida League of Women Voters blasts charter school movement
May 30, 5:09 AM:

Critics of charter schools in FL are against closing ineffective schools while proponents of argue it’s for the best. Although links to full report is provided, fueling agenda commandeers fair representation of viewpoints. >

Missouri School Boards Association president says boards 'under attack'
May 2, 5:41 AM:

MO School Board Association president laments legislative movement on vouchers and governance reforms saying boards "under attack".  Absolutely no mention of positivity regarding reforms, bias overwhelming, little investigation >

School districts provide costs of educating cyber charter students
May 1, 7:37 AM:

PA districts analyze funding loss to district traditional schools as students move to online charter schools.  One-sided angle is informed only by district officials, financial data given does not take into account national >

Resident takes Iberville School District to task
Apr 15, 4:44 AM:

Resident criticized district for its poor rating, focused on inequality in funding and wants to get rid of charter schools.  Argument presented without balance, more data could be used.

Teachers, IPS discuss ground rules for charter school program
Apr 10, 6:01 AM:

Concerns of teachers over charter school turnaround legislation addressed at meeting between state and unions. Little background and few perspectives offered.

Charter option off the table for York City schools next year
Apr 10, 5:40 AM:

PA district takes charter option away for coming school year, brings up budget issues and the possible closure of a existing school.  Focus is on traditional district's benefits, but what about choice for parents?

New York Charts Bold Course for Schools
Apr 1, 9:23 AM:

Budget billed as "bold course" for charter schools, but sad reality is more than half of state's charters neglected. Political spin wins, as real win for charters would be an equitable budget.