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School vouchers supported by GOP lawmakers
Mar 24, 5:59 AM:

Bills proposed to expand vouchers, tax credits, charters. School boards opposed, as usual. How are city programs, charters performing? Are parents happy? Why boost choice? -- To give students a chance.

Oshkosh school district to establish education foundation for growing revenue
Mar 23, 5:22 PM:

Oshkosh School District creates ed foundation, offers bonuses to administrators who take on special projects. Lots of details on need for foundation as fundraising vehicle and two educators who've taken on running it as their >

Republican bill calls for a board of political appointees to authorize charter schools
Mar 22, 6:50 AM:

Bill in WI calls for statewide charter authorizing board, eliminating virtual schools cap, and changes in teacher certification. Typical opponent outcry that these moves would take away money from already struggling public >

Judge temporarily blocks Wis. union law
Mar 18, 1:04 PM:

Judge, at the request of Dem District Attorney, puts temporary hold on WI just-passed collective bargaining bill vigorously opposed by teacher and other public employee unions. Hot-of-the-press reporting left some details of bill >

Unions offer concessions in exchange for contract extensions
Mar 18, 7:15 AM:

Oshkosh union agrees to concessions before law limiting collective bargaining goes into effect. This WI district will lose $4 million due to state budget cuts, so of course unions want to sit down and have a say in cuts so >

Walker defends proposal cutting Wisconsin schools
Mar 17, 4:04 PM:

WI Gov releases his budget plan to cut aid to school districts while limiting their ability to make it up by raising property taxes. Makes connection that these cutbacks are reason Gov fought for end of collective bargaining-- so >

Wis. unions rush deals ahead of bargaining law
Mar 15, 4:57 AM:

Unions rush to reach deals with districts before law goes into effect that limits collective bargaining over all issues except for salary. Even though this coverage focuses solely on teachers unions in the grand scheme of WI union >

Proposed budget makes all-male charter school in Madison less likely
Mar 14, 6:27 AM:

All-male charter wants to open in WI, but district says it needs money to stay in schools. No hints what those schools are doing that's so great, especially for charter's targeted population. Group wanting to start school has >

Fix the flaw first
Mar 8, 7:14 AM:

Focuses on voucher aspects of WI Gov's proposed budget. On disagreement with Gov, who wants to exempt voucher schools from state standardized test, are there other ways to hold these schools that currently don't use the exam >

Rules vary for virtual school providers
Feb 28, 9:21 AM:

Questioning teacher certification and other licensing rules for online teachers in WI. District and union leaders keep fighting this alternative schooling. Not enough focus and analysis on fight against virtual charters and >

Feb 25, 9:32 AM:

Administrative issues override content in coverage of changes at WI Virtual Learning charter school. Chit-chat about state aid and loan arrangements.  Okay.   Notes attorney who is working with board.  That's nice.  Date of public >

Wis. Assembly passes bill taking away union rights
Feb 25, 7:09 AM:

Early morning Assembly vote on collective bargaining in WI gives Gov victory over unions. Bill now on to Senate, where minority Dems still in hiding to delay vote. Yawn, yawn. Bare bones story loses perspective on what's at >

Budget Battles
Feb 21, 7:37 AM:

Political recap of standoff between Dems and GOP in WI. State teacher union leader tells teachers to go back to work this week, while court hearing scheduled to force teachers to return to school. Critical ed issues lost in winds >

Emily's Post: Walker's impending assault on state workers won't create jobs - Isthmus | The Daily Page
Feb 11, 10:46 AM:

Strong criticism of Gov. Walker's 'right to work' proposal for WI's public employees, and in particular teachers.  Educators perspective is prominent and perhaps, one-sided. 

WEAC unveils MOVING EDUCATION FORWARD: REFORMS platform | Milwaukee Community Journal
Feb 11, 10:13 AM:

Wisc. teacher union releases proposal to punch up teacher performance, including evaluation of new & veteran teachers & performance pay implemented through collective bargaining.   Devil in details:  definition of "effective" >

Little Chute school to prepare students for working world
Feb 4, 4:22 PM:

Little Chute, Wis., high school is going a step further than most and moving to focus it's curriculum on preparing for the work force. esp. in health services and manufacturing.

Royal Purple - Charter school voted in Monday
Feb 2, 3:30 PM:

An adequate story of a decision to start a charter school, but to call traditional public schools "normal," suggests that charters are abnormal.

School Accountability For Students and Parents
Jan 31, 2:41 PM:

Explains what charter schools bring to education, accountability, competition and performing students. It didn't present a thorough examination of charter performance, which would give credibility to the school choice view. >

NOSD enrollment takes a dip
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Jan 31, 1:05 PM:

A short article on falling enrollment in a Wis district. The decrease is painted as a problem when in reality students are enjoying school choice options, going to other districts. Context should be given so as not to mislead. >

Escape outdated ways of thinking by collaborating
Jan 31, 12:25 PM:

This commentary from the superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools makes a salient point--genuine collaboration is most lacking in K-12 education.   A solid opinion piece that theoretically fills in some of the many gaps of >



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