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AFT’s Randi Weingarten blasts school-choice reforms as ‘polite cousins of segregation’ (CER in news)
Jul 24, 7:58 AM:

School’s out, but the battle between the teachers’ unions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over school choice isn’t taking a summer break. Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president, argued in a fiery speech >

‘It Gave Us a Choice When We Didn’t Have One’: Private School Choice Participants
Jul 24, 7:57 AM: Private school choice was among the only education pledges made by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail and has been a decades-long focus of advocacy by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
Critics of vouchers say they’re marred by racism and exacerbate segregation. Are they right?
Jul 24, 7:55 AM: "If vouchers are the polite cousins of segregation, then most urban school districts are segregation’s direct descendants,” responded Kevin Chavous of the American Federation for Children, the school voucher group that U.S. >
Stony Point Academy in southwest Santa Rosa could be split into two campuses, again
Jul 24, 7:51 AM: A month after district trustees raised and then backed off the possibility of closing Stony Point Academy in southwest Santa Rosa, the charter school once again is in the spotlight.
Popular North End charter school at “crossroads” after departure of head of school
Jul 24, 7:49 AM:

Ridnouer founded VERITAS with a clear vision focused on physical activity and healthy eating in addition to academics. About 145 students were enrolled near the end of the last school year in grades K-4, according to state data. >

Charter school provides answers
Jul 24, 7:46 AM: Trust, but verify. That was the Reaganesque conclusion reached by Catasauqua school leaders last week after they finally heard firsthand from representatives of the Innovative Arts Academy Charter School eager to reassure everyone >
Struggling schools given year reprieve before possible closures
Jul 24, 7:24 AM: Willie Herenton believes his network of academically struggling charter schools in Memphis is improving. "We feel that we’re going to move the academic needle in a very positive direction," the former Memphis mayor and Memphis City >
Teachers union lawsuit against PED delayed
Jul 24, 7:20 AM: A union lawsuit alleging that the state’s teacher evaluation system is unfair and inaccurate will not go to trial in October as scheduled. First Judicial District Court Judge David Thomson granted the New Mexico Public Education >
EStem high school nearly ready
Jul 24, 7:18 AM: The high school is one of two new open-enrollment charter high school buildings opening next month. Academics Plus charter system, once a campus composed of prefabricated buildings and a former strip mall, is putting the finishing >
Public school activists take aim at state’s support of charter schools
Jul 24, 7:10 AM: Several speakers criticized Gov. Rick Scott’s signing of HB 7069 last month, a $419 million K-12 public schools bill that calls for public schools to share with privately run charter schools millions of local tax dollars earmarked >
Oklahoma charter school applications could be barrier to enrollment
Jul 24, 7:04 AM: Oklahoma charter schools are not allowed to base enrollment decisions on a student's past academic performance, income level or the abilities of their parents. However, on their applications, several charter schools in the state >
Downtown rally focuses on value of public education, concerns about equity
Jul 24, 7:00 AM: Adrian Wallace, of the NAACP of Lexington, told the crowd that charter schools, approved by the legislature earlier this year, lack transparency and accountability.
After defeats, PBC school board readies new legal battle over charters
Jul 24, 6:56 AM: Palm Beach County’s public school leaders have not shied away from battling charter schools in court. They also have not had much success. Yet despite a string of defeats in their taxpayer-financed tussles, the county school board >
Lincoln Middle wants to chart its own course. Will the district give its OK?
Jul 24, 6:53 AM: The school’s teachers and parents voted in March to begin the conversion to a charter school. On Wednesday, school leaders had their interview with school district officials, and Superintendent Diana Greene will make her >
Scranton launches cyber academy
Jul 24, 6:51 AM: The Scranton School District will launch a new cyber academy in the fall to save money and offer students another option.
Diocese seeks to boost Catholic school enrollment
Jul 24, 6:45 AM: Part of the Diocese's new vision is increasing and updating its facilities, dropping tuition and bringing in administrators with a background in business — all risks which the leadership believes can combat dwindling >
Cut ECOT payments even more, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says, or state may never get money back
Jul 24, 6:38 AM: The state needs to send less money to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) online school, state Auditor Dave Yost says, or it may never recover the $60 million the school already owes.
Phoenix Academy in High Point set to expand
Jul 24, 6:21 AM: Phoenix Academy, a public charter school in High Point, plans to add 22 classrooms to its three campuses. The school announced plans this week to expand its primary, elementary and middle school campuses within the next two >
Number of school choice participants increases again in Worcester
Jul 24, 6:08 AM: Once again, more students left the city schools through school choice this past year than the year before, according to a new report from the school department.
Hartford’s Departing School Choice Leader Says Sheff Goals Should Be Expanded
Jul 24, 6:05 AM: Hartford's efforts to racially integrate its schools -- based on the 20-year-old Sheff vs. O'Neill court case -- have been considered a model for magnet programs across the state and country. But recent problems surfaced when the >



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