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Public Charter Schools That Failed to Meet Texas Standards Are Still Operating
Nov 17, 7:47 AM: In June, the education agency revoked the charter of the Honors Academy Charter School District, which runs Branch Park Academy and six other schools. While some individual campuses, like Branch Park, had met state academic >
Fort Bend ISD stands by academies, despite debate
Nov 17, 7:41 AM: A months-long debate about the fate of several competitive academy programs in the Fort Bend school district came to an abrupt end Thursday when the district withdrew its proposal to phase out several of the programs.
Charter designation is second chance for troubled schools
Nov 17, 7:35 AM: Just a few years ago, the attendance rate at Davis Middle School was among the worst in the San Antonio Independent School District. Students were falling behind on course work and being held back a grade, saddling teachers with a >
State moves to shut down Honors Academy as a Dallas-area charter school
Nov 14, 6:32 AM: Honors Academy ceased to be a public charter school in June. But it’s still acting like one and that’s a problem, according to the Texas Education Agency.
Two SAISD schools ‘under performing’ third year in a row
Nov 12, 6:38 AM: The San Antonio Independent School District moved forward with a plan to change two district middle schools into charter schools.
2 SAISD middle schools may become charter schools
Nov 11, 6:47 AM: For the past several months, the San Antonio Independent School District has been on a mission to turn Davis and Connell middle schools around.
Parents fight to keep Austin Academy open
Nov 4, 7:14 AM: Shannan Hern and Todd Morey are exactly the kind of parents whom San Antonio Independent School District officials have tried to attract to their schools, which for years have struggled with an image problem that has drained >
Are bad teachers protected and are teacher evaluations fair?
Oct 31, 5:39 AM: In Texas, public school teachers don't have tenure, but the perception is even the bad ones are still very much protected.
Record number of Dallas ISD administrators make more than $100,000, analysis shows
Oct 28, 5:04 AM: Two years after Superintendent Mike Miles admitted he paid administrators too much money, a record number of top officials in Dallas ISD are making more than $100,000 annually.
As ‘Go Public’ campaign grows, some school districts have eye on charters
Oct 20, 6:50 AM: Some districts have launched their own complementary marketing campaigns. Harlandale ISD began one that coincided with the opening of an IDEA charter school across the street from its headquarters a few months before Go Public >
Houston ISD eyes more changes to magnet schools, including shrinking Bellaire and Lamar High
Oct 17, 8:54 AM: The Houston school district's crackdown on the quality and size of its magnet programs continues, with three programs up for elimination and 15 placed on probation under a proposal revealed Thursday.
Parents fight to save school
Oct 17, 6:20 AM: Parents are fighting to save a beloved performing arts charter school from closing. Located just north of downtown, Austin Academy is slated to close after next school year.
Ignite Superintendent vows to fight schools shutdown
Oct 16, 7:02 AM: Administrators tell us there are many success stories, so how could they allow themselves to fail necessary requirements to stay open?
TX Closing The Doors
Oct 15, 6:45 AM:

TEA is shutting down Ignite Public Schools due to unmet academic and financial expectations. Addresses who is affected, but does not clarify the legislation or context that is causing closures. 

Seven charter districts in Bexar County facing closure
Sep 29, 6:10 AM: A 2013 law requires Texas to revoke charters of districts that fail academic or financial accountability standards three years in a row, or to not renew their charters when they expire if they failed either standard three times in >
Can Dan Patrick champion the poor and vouchers in same breath?
Sep 26, 4:42 AM: In a speech Thursday in Houston, lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick claimed he would be an advocate of the poor and "champion" the rights of poor parents and single moms who shouldn't be forced to send their kids to bad >
Choice Coming To Dallas
Sep 25, 5:13 AM:

Dallas ISD plans to introduce public school choice at certain middle and high school campuses. Families would have option to send kids to other schools in district, which will tailor curriculums, offerings to meet demand. >

Enrollment continues to grow at Paris non-traditional high school
Sep 23, 5:48 AM: The school is designed to help students interested in a smaller classroom environment, must work to provide for their family, find it difficult to learn in a traditional school setting or want to graduate early.
IDEA schools expansion continues
Sep 18, 5:12 AM: The IDEA school system, a nonprofit network of public charter schools, continues to expand in the Rio Grande Valley, the organization announced this week. We are having a really challenging time opening up enough schools to keep up >
Idaho-Based Athlos Charter Schools Grow in Texas, Despite State’s Denial
Sep 16, 5:02 AM: Athlos Academies is a new kind of player in the charter school world, combining school construction with an athletics-based approach to learning.



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