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Parents fight to save school
Oct 17, 6:20 AM: Parents are fighting to save a beloved performing arts charter school from closing. Located just north of downtown, Austin Academy is slated to close after next school year.
Ignite Superintendent vows to fight schools shutdown
Oct 16, 7:02 AM: Administrators tell us there are many success stories, so how could they allow themselves to fail necessary requirements to stay open?
TX Closing The Doors
Oct 15, 6:45 AM:

TEA is shutting down Ignite Public Schools due to unmet academic and financial expectations. Addresses who is affected, but does not clarify the legislation or context that is causing closures. 

Seven charter districts in Bexar County facing closure
Sep 29, 6:10 AM: A 2013 law requires Texas to revoke charters of districts that fail academic or financial accountability standards three years in a row, or to not renew their charters when they expire if they failed either standard three times in >
Can Dan Patrick champion the poor and vouchers in same breath?
Sep 26, 4:42 AM: In a speech Thursday in Houston, lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick claimed he would be an advocate of the poor and "champion" the rights of poor parents and single moms who shouldn't be forced to send their kids to bad >
Choice Coming To Dallas
Sep 25, 5:13 AM:

Dallas ISD plans to introduce public school choice at certain middle and high school campuses. Families would have option to send kids to other schools in district, which will tailor curriculums, offerings to meet demand. >

Enrollment continues to grow at Paris non-traditional high school
Sep 23, 5:48 AM: The school is designed to help students interested in a smaller classroom environment, must work to provide for their family, find it difficult to learn in a traditional school setting or want to graduate early.
IDEA schools expansion continues
Sep 18, 5:12 AM: The IDEA school system, a nonprofit network of public charter schools, continues to expand in the Rio Grande Valley, the organization announced this week. We are having a really challenging time opening up enough schools to keep up >
Idaho-Based Athlos Charter Schools Grow in Texas, Despite State’s Denial
Sep 16, 5:02 AM: Athlos Academies is a new kind of player in the charter school world, combining school construction with an athletics-based approach to learning.
School Choice Advocates Hope to See Tax Credit Scholarship Bill in 2015
Sep 15, 4:48 AM: The 84th Session of the Texas Legislature is scheduled to begin on January 13, 2015, and one of the expected hot topics is school choice.
Azleway Charter schools remain open thanks to new partnership
Sep 10, 6:19 AM: Azleway Charter school has finally gotten the reprieve it's been looking for. The school will stay open thanks to an "emergency expansion amendment" granted to trinity charter schools --which now owns Azleway's charter. >
Judge rules school finance system unconstitutional
Aug 29, 6:27 AM: A judge on Thursday again declared Texas' school finance system unconstitutional, reaffirming his 2013 ruling that struck down the current mode of funding public education as inefficient and inadequate.
Sanders’ plan for Prime Prep consolidation fizzling
Aug 29, 5:39 AM: Deion Sanders’ behind-the-scenes efforts to merge Prime Prep Academy with A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy appear to be fizzling.
New charter school offers alternative approach to education
Aug 29, 4:16 AM: Just like any other school, Premier High School began their first week of school on August 25th, with 160 students enrolled. However, instead of a set curriculum set by teachers, the students in these classes will self-direct their >
Deion Sanders looks to consolidate Prime Prep with another academy
Aug 28, 7:32 AM: Deion Sanders and an Oak Cliff pastor are trying to broker a deal to consolidate the troubled Prime Prep Academy and A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy, an attorney for A.W. Brown said Wednesday.
Killeen charter school not chartered by Texas
Aug 28, 5:56 AM: The Honors Academy Charter School District is moving into its third week of school at its seven campuses — including Creekview Academy in Killeen — without a state-issued charter.
Virtual Schools A Flexible Option For Students
Aug 26, 7:42 AM: Most students spend the first day of school finding their locker or their home room. But Tristin Thomas spent his first day of 8th grade at home, logging into his virtual classroom.
Prime Prep Academy starts classes as school faces possible closure
Aug 26, 6:36 AM: A new school year started Monday for what could be the last time at Prime Prep Academy. Last week, Prime Prep lost its appeal to the Texas Education Agency to keep the school’s charter. A forthcoming appeal to a separate state >
Where have Beaumont ISD students gone?
Aug 26, 6:17 AM: The Beaumont Independent School District released its preliminary enrollment report showing a 500 student drop from last year. Meanwhile, nearby private, charter and public schools reported increases across the board.
Parents upset over revocation of East Texas charter school
Aug 22, 7:57 AM: The impending revocation of funding to an East Texas charter school, is leaving some parents angry their children can't get the kind of education they want them to have.



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