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Expectations Rise, Scores Fall
Jul 9, 10:04 AM:

TX state tests more difficult to pass, students not rising to meet new standards. Fewer students pass tests, with worst results in writing and Algebra I. Demands question of how to prepare students for more rigorous testing.  >

TX Superintendent Under Fire
Jun 28, 9:28 AM:

Groups criticize Dallas superintendents' inability to retain staff, call for his resignation. Six top-staffers have left over past six months, office perceived as unstable.

Charter Operators Get Bigger In Texas
Jun 24, 6:22 PM:

Number of charter school operators statewide will increase from 215 to over 300, creating process for out of state operators to submit applications. Article features Rocketship schools as an example of a successful operator being >

Funding Disparities Questioned
Jun 24, 12:57 PM:

Test scores in TX show continued disparities in achievement between  urban and suburban school districts. A push is being made to change the funding formula to help lower-income students, but others argue that increasing school >

TX Emphasizes Career, College Readiness
Jun 19, 10:12 AM:

Gov Rick Perry signs laws that will expand vocational courses, encourage cooperation between K-12 and higher education. Districts will work with community colleges and universities to develop coursework that will prepare students >

High Price Of Truancy
Jun 13, 4:28 AM:

Penalties, including fines, associated with truancy in TX motivated lawsuit. Petitioners want Justice Dept to say state's practices violate constitutional rights. Complaint now in review phase.

Testing Gets Smaller in Texas
Jun 11, 4:32 PM:

Students need only pass five standardized tests to graduate high school. Governor initally skeptical about  weakening curriculum standards. Designed to give flexibility for students focused on career training. 

TX Test Scores Remain Stagnant
Jun 11, 2:18 PM:

Results from the state tests show that many districts failed to improve student achievement, especially on English and writing tests. Lawmakers and school districts have yet to come to a consensus on how students will meet >

Hands On Scientific Learning
Jun 5, 2:09 PM:

School district selected for sponsored program that uses hands on learning techniques. Students work in labs, conduct field assignments, and hear from scientific professionals. Program intended to create more interest in science. >

100% College Acceptance
May 29, 11:30 AM:

TX-based IDEA public charter schools celebrate 7th year in a row of all seniors heading to college. Not only that, but students offered $15M+ in scholarships this year. No district or statewide college-going rates given for >

TX Cuts Back On Testing
May 28, 5:00 AM:

Responding to parent/student outcry, Senators pass bill to reduce number of tests kids must take. Bill also gives students different paths to graduate, though some worry some paths dilutes curriculum. Charter bill tries to balance >

End Of Online Lessons
May 22, 7:06 PM:

Online curriculum used in some TX schools withdrawn after some protests that it was "anti-American."  Some school officials bemoan loss, especially those from small, rural areas who need a curriculum provider.

Possible “Achievement District” for Failing Schools
May 21, 1:50 PM:

House considers a statewide "achievement district" in effort to turn around failing schools. Schools that produce two straight years of low test scores would be eligible for new district. New standards regarding teacher >

Charter Changes
May 17, 4:36 AM:

TX House votes to expand cap on charters and give state ed folks more authority to remedy or close poor-performing charters. Bill also would make charters follow same anti-nepotism rules as traditionals. Senate faces similar bill. >

Chartes And Nepotism
May 16, 5:38 AM:

New TX charter bill would end hiring of family, which currently is allowed.  Union favors abolishing nepotism, as do many others. But some charter folks counter that their schools started as "mom-and-pop" schools, which means its >

Raise Your Hand In TX
May 13, 4:37 AM:

Ed group makes headlines for strong influence in Legislature, recently on online bill. Raise Your Hand Texas supports high-performing publics for all kids, sometimes, but not always, putting them at odds with other ed reform >

Obama Stumps For STEM
May 10, 7:01 AM:

Pres praises TX HS that is part of nationwide New Tech Network.  Goal is to prepare kids for college and career in sciences, math, tech and engineering.  First NTN school has 43% entering STEM careers.

Obstacles For TX Online
May 6, 4:44 AM:

Lawmakers want to grow the number of students enrolled in online and extend list of providers to include nonprofits and private companies. Stiff opposition from traditional public ed groups thwarts  efforts.

Minority Schools Get F
May 3, 5:04 PM:

Of Houston, Texas's failing schools, the majority are predominantly black. The article brings up the important point that a significant percentage of each schools student population are special education students. But if the >

Feedback Missing In Evals
May 3, 4:18 AM:

TX lawmakers are trying to figure out how to add feedback into state's eval, where less than 3% of teachers rated below proficient. Non-profit joins effort to improve evals, but using student tests major hold-up.



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