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Texas Senate OKs school vouchers, but bill faces tough House vote
Apr 21, 5:07 AM: Up to 16,000 lower-income students in mostly urban districts would be able to transfer to private or religious schools — using potential tax dollars to pay tuition — under a measure the Senate tentatively approved >
TX Charter Facility Help
Apr 17, 8:31 AM:

Senators considering legislation to authorize facility funds for charter schools. Viewed as major priority for charter school advocates. Currently charters don't receive any facility funds from state sources. 

Senate OKs changes to Texas ‘parent trigger’ law
Apr 16, 5:17 AM: The Texas Senate on Wednesday passed the so-called "parent trigger" bill, one of the key pieces of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's "school choice" legislative package.
AISD board reacts to threat from charter schools
Apr 14, 5:55 AM: Austin Independent School District board members have urgently requested a policy change that would curtail area charter school districts’ access to student information.
Texas Senate voucher bill specifics unveiled
Apr 14, 4:43 AM: Last week, just after a key Texas House lawmaker unveiled the details of a plan designed to ease funding inequities among the state’s public schools, a Texas Senate education panel quietly approved the new version of a divisive bill >
LC board considers changing to charter
Apr 13, 7:10 AM: Seeking to expand civilian career choices for juniors and seniors going to college or directly into the workforce and giving those pupils and teachers “more flexibility” in their schedule, Leverett’s Chapel is considering a proposal >
Senate Shapes Plan for Private School Scholarships
Apr 13, 5:09 AM: If so-called school choice legislation comes out of the Texas Senate, it is unlikely to call for using taxpayer dollars to fund private school vouchers.
Struggling Oak Cliff school to stay open after charter amended
Apr 7, 5:48 AM: An Oak Cliff charter school that was in danger of closing under the state’s three-strikes law will get to stay open, elated school leaders said.
Arrow Academy, Snook school district hope for higher accreditation ratings after making progress
Apr 6, 6:01 AM: Two Brazos Valley schools have been working to revamp curriculum, programs and some staffing after receiving low academic and accreditation ratings from the state.
Dallas Turnaround Plan
Apr 3, 7:06 AM:

District plans to improve six schools that are struggling. Changes include removing ineffective teachers, extending school day, requirements to improve failing assignments. Similar to other efforts in cities across country.  >

State pulls plug on one S.A. charter school but another wins appeal
Apr 1, 6:42 AM: The parent organization of the San Antonio Technology Academy, a charter high school enrolling 115 students, is planning to sue the Texas Education Agency for refusing to renew its charter, its principal said.
Texas House Avoids Voucher Vote in Budget Debate
Apr 1, 5:10 AM: The Texas House was poised to take a vote Tuesday on banning private school vouchers as it took up the state budget. But about nine hours into the budget debate, the lawmaker carrying the measure withdrew it from consideration.
Texas ranks 25th (CER in the news)
Mar 30, 9:22 AM: The Center for Education Reform released their education scorecards for 2015 last week, with Texas earning a C grade.
Patrick defends private school tax credits and vouchers
Mar 27, 5:11 AM: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appeared before a Senate panel Thursday to rebut criticism that bills creating private school tax credits and vouchers in Texas would directly threaten the state’s public schools.
TX Parent Trigger Update
Mar 20, 5:43 AM:

Lawmakers seek to expand "parent trigger" law allowing parents to petition to make changes at child's school. Law already on books applies only schools rated unacceptable for five years straight. Union opposes, others say law >

Texas “parent trigger bill” would pave way for privatizing public schools
Mar 20, 5:25 AM: SB 14 by Sen. Larry Taylor—the so called “parent trigger bill”–is a part of a package of bills that would pave the way for privatizing public schools, said Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro, commenting on today’s hearing on the bill >
Bill would give Dallas ISD some options from failed home-rule proposal
Mar 11, 6:10 AM: Just months after efforts to transform Dallas ISD into a home-rule charter failed, a new bill filed in the Texas Legislature proposes to overhaul the district with some of the same options.
Texas Teachers Converge On State Capitol To Lay Out Agenda
Mar 10, 5:35 AM: Teachers went from office to office to speak with legislators and their staff about bills addressing school-related issues. The one bill that produced the biggest cries for change was a call to fully fund Texas.
Patrick proposes education overhaul plan
Mar 4, 6:12 AM: Top legislative conservatives clamoring for Texas to adopt a school choice voucher plan proposed a series of other education changes instead Tuesday that are less controversial but could still spark heated debates.
Charter school’s faculty helps students transition to college
Mar 2, 10:15 AM: Some high schools have a simple mission: Teach the students, hand them a diploma and wish them well. Then there is Dallas Can Academy’s Pleasant Grove campus.



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