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New TX Charters In Sant Antonio
Nov 8, 8:11 AM:

Two high performing charter schools recently opening in San Antonio that emphasize college acceptance apparently are having trouble with diversity in their student population, or so the author would have us believe.  Little voice >

Can You Really Earn A Diploma In 3 Years?
Oct 22, 2:57 PM:

Dallas ISD in transition to allow for students to receive their high school diplomas in 3-years. District claims students will be better prepared for college and no money will be lost anymore for early graduation. District allowed >

Tutoring Program In TX A Failure?
Oct 21, 4:22 AM:

TX funding went to private tutoring companies with the hope of increasing achievement, but in reality there was little to show for their efforts.  Some call for the abolishment of the programs amid fraud accusations but others say >

Religious School Converting To Charters
Oct 18, 10:42 AM:

One TX Hebrew-immersion charter school assures the community that religion is not being taught in the school, and embraces the diversity of its students across racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Concerns are raised, though, >

Budget Constraints Hurt Merit Pay
Oct 14, 6:27 AM:

TX's merit pay program for teachers was scrapped due to cuts in education funding amidst a budget crunch.  Data shows schools with merit pay performed better and had less teacher turnover, and Republicans and even union leaders >

TX Online School Brings Opportunity
Oct 3, 6:21 AM:

The majority of students at one TX online school are involved in non-traditional activities, like intensive dance training, that would be limited by attending a brick and mortar school.  The school also allows for field trips and >

Charter Applications Too Similar?
Sep 26, 5:25 AM:

Proposed TX charter school applications have been accused of being too similar, and some even accused of being plagiarized.  Often identical wording was used in some of the applications, but the charter officials say that does not >

Ambitious Charter Educators
Aug 27, 4:38 AM:

Teachers at charter schools are criticized for staying in the profession for a short time, and teacher turnover is cited as detrimental for student achievement.  Charters often welcome teachers ambition and provide a lot of >

TX Cyberschools Increasing
Aug 26, 6:40 AM:

Debate rages over the effectiveness of cyberschools and online learning in the state which is now seeing an increase in the number of its digital learning options.  The cyberschools that were already there have met or exceeded >

Superintendent Hears Parents Out
Aug 21, 11:15 AM:

A TX superintendent hears parents' concerns to figure out why students have left the public school system.  Parents cite lack of communication community in the district as causes, superintendent says that he has added many >

Scoring Charters
Aug 19, 5:29 AM:

Most charters pass TX muster, but new law will "weed out" those that don't.  4 criteria for judging charters created and while they may have separate missions, they all must meet standard to remain open.

Controversy Continues Over Charter Authority
Aug 15, 7:37 AM:

New charter legislation moves authority from unpaid TX state Board, which some say have few resources to oversee charters, to the Texas Education Agency. Others say TEA is too political -- Gov appoints all.

Charter Partnerships
Aug 12, 5:20 AM:

Private, religious school in TX waiting to hear if its application to become public charter is accepted.  If accepted, it will become yet another charter in partnership with a religious group, which makes it controversial for >

Health Charter
Jul 30, 5:01 AM:

New charter preparing to open in TX district. No electives in athletics or arts; instead a focus on health science to prepare for med careers.  Goal is to connect education with careers with job openings.

Students Given Second Chance
Jul 17, 9:55 AM:

TX district seeking out drop-outs victimized by former superintendent's testing scheme. Officials hope to re-enroll drop-outs, facilitate GED process. 

Expectations Rise, Scores Fall
Jul 9, 10:04 AM:

TX state tests more difficult to pass, students not rising to meet new standards. Fewer students pass tests, with worst results in writing and Algebra I. Demands question of how to prepare students for more rigorous testing.  >

TX Superintendent Under Fire
Jun 28, 9:28 AM:

Groups criticize Dallas superintendents' inability to retain staff, call for his resignation. Six top-staffers have left over past six months, office perceived as unstable.

Charter Operators Get Bigger In Texas
Jun 24, 6:22 PM:

Number of charter school operators statewide will increase from 215 to over 300, creating process for out of state operators to submit applications. Article features Rocketship schools as an example of a successful operator being >

Funding Disparities Questioned
Jun 24, 12:57 PM:

Test scores in TX show continued disparities in achievement between  urban and suburban school districts. A push is being made to change the funding formula to help lower-income students, but others argue that increasing school >

TX Emphasizes Career, College Readiness
Jun 19, 10:12 AM:

Gov Rick Perry signs laws that will expand vocational courses, encourage cooperation between K-12 and higher education. Districts will work with community colleges and universities to develop coursework that will prepare students >



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