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Where have Beaumont ISD students gone?
Aug 26, 6:17 AM: The Beaumont Independent School District released its preliminary enrollment report showing a 500 student drop from last year. Meanwhile, nearby private, charter and public schools reported increases across the board.
Parents upset over revocation of East Texas charter school
Aug 22, 7:57 AM: The impending revocation of funding to an East Texas charter school, is leaving some parents angry their children can't get the kind of education they want them to have.
Opinion: Failing students means failing businesses
Aug 22, 5:33 AM: As employers complain more and more about the lack of qualified workers and the potential harm to the economy, how we do quality control on public education becomes increasingly important.
Column: Closing the opportunity gap with school choice
Aug 21, 5:47 AM: But study upon study suggests that successful charters, by way of school choice, are doing for minority communities what public schools have failed to achieve with more money and bureaucracy.
IDEA schools ace accountability ratings
Aug 15, 6:30 AM: IDEA Public Schools outperformed statewide and district results for the 2013-2014 school year in every district where they operate, accountability ratings released last week by the Texas Education Agency show.
Public schools outperform charters
Aug 11, 8:40 AM: Charter schools in Denton County did not perform as well as public school districts in the area in 2014 accountability ratings, according to data released Friday.
A Star-Powered School Sputters
Aug 11, 6:51 AM: A few years back, Deion Sanders, the Hall of Fame cornerback and N.F.L. commentator who still digs being called by the nickname Prime Time, was approached with a splendid business proposition. A partner suggested creating a Texas >
Editorial: There must be a better way for TEA to evaluate schools
Aug 11, 5:55 AM: We agree that school districts must be evaluated on how well they’re educating our children, but one test on one day is not the way to do it. TEA doesn’t consider that not all kids do well on tests such as STAAR, or that on the day >
ECISD has seven schools on reconstitution list
Aug 8, 6:15 AM: Seven schools in the Ector County Independent School District will have to be reconstituted as a result of 2014 Accountability Ratings that show the schools remain classified as Improvement Required and dictate a certain number of >
Editorial: Literacy crisis
Aug 8, 4:51 AM: Literacy is not just a problem in Houston where four out of 10 ninth-graders in HISD struggle with reading; it's a national problem that is proving difficult to fix. As every struggling reader seems to struggle in a different way, >
Charters Push Back Against Measure on School Closures
Aug 8, 4:29 AM: In 2013, when Texas passed its first overhaul of charter school policy since 1995 — the year the publicly funded but privately operated schools were first established in the state — lawmakers included a provision intended to speed >
TX Virtual Avenue
Aug 7, 6:55 AM:

New education law in TexasTX V allows students to enroll in online courses specific to any graduation track they choose.  Reports on possible outcomes of new teaching method by using quotes; lacks data to highlight overall >

Texas Posts Top High School Graduation Rates, Again
Aug 6, 5:59 AM: Texas education officials once again announced top high school graduation rates on Tuesday, reporting that 88 percent of public school students in the class of 2013 received a diploma within four years.
Dallas Home-Rule Charter Won’t Be On Fall Ballot
Aug 5, 6:56 AM: There will be no new Dallas home-rule school charter on November’s ballot, as supporters wished. That outcome became clear soon after the home-rule commission met last night for only the second time.
Editorial: Charter schools need high standards too
Aug 4, 6:47 AM: Something is finally happening to bad charter schools in Texas that used to not happen, or was delayed too long: They are being shut down.
DISD parents, teachers and officials have mixed feelings about home-rule
Aug 1, 8:35 AM: As someone looking from the outside in, Kevin Chavous, says both sides needs to be objective and concrete about their goals whether these include access to every child regardless of social and economic status. Chavous is an >
Prime Prep Academy begins critical stretch of appeals to stay open
Jul 30, 5:08 AM: Prime Prep Academy has scrambled from crisis to crisis, almost since the day it opened. This week, the charter school co-founded by former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders entered the most critical period in its two-year >
Texas law that speeds shutdown of troubled charter schools is put to the test
Jul 29, 5:45 AM: A new law designed to make it easier to close down chronically troubled charter schools is getting its first tests this year.
TX Charters Garner Interest
Jul 28, 4:44 AM:

Midland students increasingly opting to charters as economic and population growth lead to lack of seats in traditional public or private schools.  Offers helpful school-based data, explains charter sector and history of schools >

Local school districts question new teacher evaluation system
Jul 25, 8:05 AM:

A Tulia Independent School District leader is considering dropping out of a statewide program to pilot a controversial evaluation system that adds standardized test scores to teacher reviews.



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