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Keeping standards high at Boys Latin | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/27/2011
Feb 28, 9:30 AM:

PA inner-city charter holds boys to strict standards. Boasts 82% graduation rate -- a higher graduation rate than the average public school, yet still pushing to graduate more students. Could've related to current reform scene -- >

10 essential questions on school vouchers
Feb 25, 2:26 PM:

Opinion space uses opportunity to objectively inform PA public on vouchers -- presents ten technical questions with lucid answers, as well as top arguments for and against vouchers. Neutrality helps readers understand issue and >

DN Editorial: The case against...
Feb 25, 10:57 AM:

Philadelphia Daily News opines vouchers cause more harm than good. Some research to back claims, but initial premise that vouchers touted as "single solution" not validated. No examples to highlight assertion that federal and >

Beattie academic program could be cut
Feb 24, 12:43 PM:

State Career Center, which provides vocational training and smaller classes for at-risk students, may close after 30 years. Five years of declining enrollment, increased home-school options and creation of similar district-level >

Philadelphia schools say voucher bill could cost them millions
Feb 23, 9:21 AM:

Philly district officials are afraid of losing students and money to school choice legislation SB 1, which would allow parents to opt out of a failing school. Article mentions need for vouchers in poor-performing districts, but >

Pa. Cyber Charter School satisfies students, teachers, parents
Feb 22, 1:01 PM:

Harrisburg-based cyber charter unites parents and teachers union. While some might know what is different about a cyber, this doesn't exactly educate and inform the reader, but it's a start.

Pro Choice
Feb 22, 12:10 PM:

PA bill would let poor parents choose school to send their children to schools of choice. The question is raised that nonpublic schools do not adhere to state standards, and claims there is no basis for comparison. Reporter should >

Pennsylvania's Voucher Proposal Stirs Local Debate
Feb 22, 7:23 AM:

Usual suspects scuffle over PA voucher bill.  Includes quote countering argument that vouchers take money from public schools by explaining that money follows student not school, so if student is elsewhere so is money.  One of the >

PA: Wagner urges changes in charter school funding
Feb 18, 11:16 AM:

According to its Auditor Gen., PA can save $225 million by revising charter school funding formulas. Aud. claims charters and cyber-charters cost the state $3,100 more per student than trad public schools. This is an assumption >

Wagner urges changes in charter school funding
Feb 18, 9:46 AM:

PA State auditor says the state can save money by changing charter funding and specifically, giving less to virtual schools. No data on what schools currently get when compared to traditional districts, which sources say are >

Kids need help offered by vouchers
Feb 18, 9:44 AM:

School Boards and teachers union reps speak out during State Senate Education Committee hearing on voucher bill. Editorial says "there is no doubt" voucher bill "will cause disruption in failing schools and failing districts." >

City school board OKs 1 of 4 new charter schools
Feb 17, 2:43 PM:

Pittsburgh Public Schools board approves one of four charters, vague reasoning given for rejections. Context missing -- no idea how regional charters, or traditional public schools doing. Also, deeper digging would reveal that >

Corbett nominee advocates broad school choice
Feb 17, 1:27 PM:

PA Ed Sec. nominee suggests vouchers should be part of school choice buffet. Skepticism dominates, reader left with impression that schools are doing well and vouchers simply a preference issue. What's the real story on state's >

Rush is on to lift taxes
Feb 17, 12:16 PM:

More than half of PA's school districts expected to seek exception to raise taxes above state limits without voter approval. Explores history of raising taxes for Ed without examining whether past increases served student needs or >

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter Reaches Enrollment Milestone
Feb 17, 11:29 AM:

PA's largest cyber charter school enrolled 10,000 students last fall. Much ado about cost savings here, but very little about any comparative eduational advantages.

School voucher debate heats up at state hearing
{article_pundit} Hearing Haze in PA {/article_pundit}
Feb 16, 10:58 PM:

Bullpen is challenged by this article that paints with light and misleading brush strokes what we have proof was a very substantive day of debate over a substantive issue.  How would the general public know that the majority of >

Districts see results with i3 programs
Feb 16, 10:12 AM:

PA school district awarded federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant for science and technology teachers development. Idea is to seed system with teachers who can train others in hands-on program. Might take a look at ways to >

School districts bracing for end of stimulus funds
Feb 15, 7:18 AM:

PA and Pittsburgh take on major report on impact of the economic stimuls on K-12 ed provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Fed monies funded teaching jobs, saved to help boost economy, but there's no digging into >

Phila. school budget proposal looks to cut $400-million |
Feb 14, 12:53 PM:

Phila. Schools Supt. notes proposed cuts for this school year probably resulting in furloughs and larger clases. No mention of which schools likely most affected .

School districts bracing for end of stimulus funds
Feb 14, 9:57 AM:

Pittsburgh twist of nationwide report on federal stimulus funds.  Chronicles how money is spent -- save jobs, some changes.  Expresses concern when $$s dry up. Missing is whether funding spurred meaningful changes that improve >



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