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A measurement tool
May 18, 7:36 AM:

Buffalo News editorial praises Gov's plan for strong teacher evaluation system based on tests and observations. With budget cuts making layoffs likely, aims to ensure best teachers are protected. Compelling case for measurement >

More Applicants Sought For Top Education Post
May 18, 6:54 AM:

Few candidates want top ed job in CT. Modest salary, budget turmoil and "skeleton" staff could becontributing factors. Finding the right person is a start, but other problems need fixes too. Gov is supposedly committed to >

Charter link in Albany fliers
May 18, 6:42 AM:

Underhanded attack on public schools by charters coming to your mailbox? That’s the accusation by Times-Union, and the evidence seems to suggest it’s true. What’s left to the imagination, though, is why. Reporter should have >

Youth advocate chosen to administer $100M Facebook grant to Newark schools
May 17, 2:47 PM:

Philanthropist selected to head foundation handling $100 million gift to Newark public schools. Sounds like an appropriate candidate with a history of youth advocacy and an enthusiasm for education reforms. Also rightfully >

Reformers 'score' win in teach evaluations
May 17, 2:42 PM:

Reports on NY Board of Regents approval of first teacher evaluation that uses student test scores. Not a perfect system, say unions. Others counter that at least it's an improvement. NYC folks say this is nice, but we really need >

Tennessee House votes to set later start date for schools
May 17, 1:28 PM:

TN lawmakers approve school year start date no earlier than fourth Monday in August. Unclear why some counties exempted. Tell us which ones and why. Also, make legislators explain why standardizing calendar and tourism are more >

Senate rejects longer school year in Maine
May 17, 12:18 PM:

ME Senate shoots down bill extending school year. Advocates say state's school year is too short, while opponents say move is too expensive. Dig deeper into argument. Move to boost learning? Shouldn't forget that quality needs to >

Private Company to Run Public School
May 17, 12:07 PM:

For-profit company will take over failing New Haven, CT, school. Good to see union supports planned changes. But no reasons given why this company was chosen. Look at school's problems, and Renaissance's results elsewhere. >

N.Y. alters teacher ratings
May 17, 9:42 AM:

Last-minute changes to NY teacher evaluations draw criticism. Some legitimate concerns raised about those teaching students with special needs and in low-income areas. Need room for local flexibility, and alterations shouldn’t be >

City recruits for tough-to-fill teaching spots
May 17, 8:37 AM:

Pittsburgh school to start intervention model. Restaffing brings out teacher placement discussion that forgets to mention why teachers deemed ineffective at one school are permitted to attend another. Fine to find best fit; is >

Tide is turning toward approving charter schools
May 17, 6:14 AM:

Push for charter schools may be stymied by the "four horsemen" of status quo: union, school boards, superintendents, principals. Nice analogy, but would like to hear more about status of legislation and specific criticism of >

Regents Add Test Results to Teacher Evaluations and Cut Some High School Exams
May 17, 5:03 AM:

For the first time, NY teachers will be evaluated partially based on student performance on standardized tests. Contention over what percent -- 20% or 40%. Union vows battle with anything over 20%,  Lots of talk on tests and >

Due process hearings planned for Providence teachers
May 16, 3:53 PM:

Providence School Board holding "group due process" hearings for teachers dismissed because of school closings, program changes or other non-individual performance reasons. Article reads like announcement, not a story. Unclear >

Widen pool of teachers for N.J. charter schools
May 16, 2:16 PM:

State Acting Ed Commissioner Christopher Cerf wants to drop teacher certification process for charter schools. Predictable union criticism. Potential downside not really explored, but editorial rightly points out charters are labs >

Edward Fitzpatrick: School reform meeting produces more heat than light
May 16, 12:38 PM:

RI Gov puts charter and testing critic Diane Ravitch and state ed commissioner Deborah Gist in same room, where they apparently talk past each other about state efforts to improve schools. Unclear how students benefit from >

Manual-Teachers at Cape charter to unionize
May 16, 12:31 PM:

Cape Cod charter schoolteachers decide to organize, citing variety of reasons and saying their effort will be more collaborative than traditional unions. How so is not explored here. Unclear whether specific incident or issue >

The painful price of peace
May 16, 12:25 PM:

Episcopal nuns in Boston's Roxbury hoped to sell convent to Bridge Boston Charter, but neighborhood opposed because of traffic concerns. Both sides well-covered, but key question unanswered:  Would neighborhood kids have attended >

Southern to start cyber academy
May 16, 12:18 PM:

Cost-saving motivates PA district to initiate virtual classes. With that basis, school must be sure that quality of learning matches more traditional experience. How are students going to benefit? That should be the story. Will >

Charter School Stalls in Court
May 16, 12:13 PM:

Balanced review of controversy over charter school sharing space with public schools in NYC’s Upper West Side. Journal should more clearly buttress claim that school is “unwanted” with figures that show applicants where almost 10x >

Manual-In New London, English becomes a student's ticket to graduation
May 16, 11:19 AM:

New London Board approves requirement starting in 2015, all high schoolers know American English in order to graduate. Focus here is on testing to prove proficiency. Unclear is what teachers have to do in class to make sure >



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