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School dollars: Pennsylvania can't afford a funding hole next year
Feb 10, 10:20 AM:

Gov. Corbett proposed budget manuvers saving $337 million in ed via yet-to-be-distributed federal funds.  Debate about what to do with that savings the next fiscal year is abound.  Lacks views of ed spending opponents. >

Tensions rise over Conn. school funding reform
Feb 10, 9:15 AM:

Report suggests money follow students to charters. Unions declare this would hurt traditional public schools -- no ink for counter opinion. Would also help to relate issue to school performance.

PO EDITORIAL: Tuition vouchers -- bad idea pushed to top of list
Feb 9, 2:56 PM:

PA Opinion piece says now is not time for Penn. statewide voucher plan given schools hard work to meet fed accountability standards.  Not exactly strongest reason to dismiss a reform, especially with no data on how state is >

New Jersey schools to see more budget cuts
Feb 9, 2:55 PM:

Predictions of bigger classes and teacher layoffs. Doom-and-gloom on budget cuts but nothing on how money now is spent. No push for school officials to provide a way to achieve goals with less money.

N.H. bills divide home-school parents at hearing
Feb 9, 1:34 PM:

Hearings on home school regs divide parents over state interference. Missing info: achievement rates for home schooled kids and what will intervention look like.

School districts wait for budgetsNew programs, building renovations on horizon
Feb 9, 11:56 AM:

NJ School districts await their budgets, while they await on new programs. Thorough and exenstive coverage given to a number of specific schools, new programs that are to be rolled out.

Most city schools fail to make the grade
Feb 9, 11:46 AM:

Camden, NJ schools have consistently failed to obtain passing grades. Coverage like this is important to keep adminstrators and teachers on their toes to continue to strive for excellence.

Wales Central School to close in June
Feb 9, 11:41 AM:

Much sadness among the locals when they voted to close this small-town school deemed unnecessary. There's nostalgia in the story but no indication of how the school was performing. The new place might serve students better; we >

Schools Facing Cuts if Lunches Aren’t Paid For
Feb 9, 10:15 AM:

Cuts imminent if unpaid lunch money isn't collected. Could've delved more into what other states do to remedy issue so NYC administrators have some examples. Even better, talk about overall spending to point out wastefulness. >

School board postpones decision on charter schools
Feb 9, 10:07 AM:

Board delays decisions on charters while waiting for more members to show, but where are these people? Just one of four applicants was okayed, but there's not enough info to know why the three were nixed. 

Graduates, but Ill-Prepared -
Feb 9, 9:23 AM:

New York students who graduate high school aren't all college or career-ready according to exam scores. Let's talk about what's being done to prepare students for next steps -- article neglects discussing school quality.  >

Lawmakers must weigh pros, cons of voucher system
Feb 8, 2:35 PM:

Voucher showdown in Penn. pits Gov. against teacher union. Confusing call to examine bill based on what works, not what parents choose. So, parents don't choose what works?  Don't think so.

Fears rise for kids at axed schools
Feb 8, 1:50 PM:

Ten Bronx schools are to close and be replaced with smaller facilities, stirring anxieties. Might be a good idea to ask what alternatives are available More options, please.

Graduates, but Ill-Prepared -
Feb 8, 1:37 PM:

Most N.Y. students aren't prepared for college or careers after graduation says the Dept. of Ed. Lots of data tells the real story.  It would be interesting to see how the results compare to other state wide assessments.



New bill supports voucher system
Feb 8, 1:25 PM:

Continued coverage of a bill that allow low-income students a choice to attend private and parochial schools. A comprehensive look at the proposal, the impact and both sides of the argument, though opposition polls are touted as >

Report Card a road map to success
Feb 8, 1:15 PM:

Annual report card on state's schools: Local officials have the information earlier to direct individual students. Would be helpful to know if parents can access the early data? 

How does your school match up? This year's state report cards show some positive trends at South Jersey schools
Feb 8, 1:14 PM:

Data gives insights into why some think 2010 was a banner year for NJ high school students. What's behind the scores and how it translates into success is not clear, however. There is little concern raised about schools that send >

Public meetings to focus on school ...
Feb 8, 11:53 AM:

Tactics to reduce deficit and Opportunity Scholarships to be discussed at public meetings. Article doesn't probe why these are at forefront of agenda- don't know if tactics in students' best interest.

Charter school denied for fourth time
Feb 8, 11:50 AM:

Erie School Board in Pa. doesn't want religious charter schools or is it they just don't want R.I.S.E. Leadership?  Catholic schools receive public funds so the real issue here is still a mystery.

City school board rejects charter plans (Today)
Feb 8, 10:59 AM:

Pittsburgh, Pa. Public Schools denies 3 out of 4 charter applications and gives details on why. Nothing exciting here. Propels Charter Schools do very well, what other reasons for their application denial? More details please! >



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