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Bill to encourage innovation in schools
Apr 13, 5:41 AM: A bipartisan bill to allow school board approved waivers of North Dakota education laws when it would improve delivery or administration was signed by Gov. Doug Burgum on April 3.
More North Dakota parents opting for private schools
Mar 28, 4:51 AM: More parents in North Dakota are opting for private schools and home schooling as the debate regarding school choice has grown into a national conversation.
School choice options gain momentum in North Dakota
Mar 27, 6:21 AM: No charter schools operate in North Dakota, and there are few virtual schools. However, recent state data shows more parents are opting for private schools and homeschooling, signaling, perhaps, that more parents are already >
With new administration, ND leaders address school choice debate (CER in the news)
Mar 6, 8:17 AM: The country's education system could be in for changes under new leadership in Washington, but how that may affect North Dakota schools remains to be seen.
District works on marketing plan
Oct 7, 5:35 AM: Challenges public school districts face today in attracting more students include private school options, open enrollment from other districts in the area as well as an increase in the number of families choosing to homeschool their >
Bringing innovative ideas into N.D. schools
Aug 31, 5:27 AM: Ted Dintersmith has spent his whole life as a venture capitalist, backing top entrepreneurs. He now spends his time advocating for education reform and, this week, will make stops across North Dakota showing a film he produced to >
North Dakota prepares to develop plans under sweeping education act
Jan 4, 6:32 AM: A new federal education law that dramatically changes North Dakota's approach to education will soon be developed over the next year.
Group formed to address N.D. teacher shortage: Nontraditional routes to teaching to be considered
Jun 25, 6:18 AM: North Dakota educational leaders began brainstorming Wednesday about ways to reverse a statewide teacher shortage that’s been labeled as critical in every subject area and is worsening with enrollment growth, a wave of retirements >
378 ND public schools not meeting No Child Left Behind requirements
Jun 12, 5:13 AM: Hundreds of public schools in North Dakota are not meeting requirements set by federal law, but the goal set is unrealistic, the state’s top education administrator said.
Editorial: Why N.D. doesn't choose school choice
Jun 9, 8:59 AM: It’s the paradox of North Dakota’s supermajority Republican rule. And nowhere does it show up more clearly than in the Legislature’s refusal to pass key conservative K-12 reforms, including charter schools and a “private school >
Schools Fail to Meet National Test Standards
Jul 31, 9:39 AM:

Number of ND schools have failed to meet AYP, standards established under No Child Left Behind. State has not received NCLB waiver, schools could face sanctions. 

North Dakota home schoolers fight testing
Mar 4, 11:37 AM:

In ND homeschoolers are required to take the same tests as kids in public schools. A new bill could change that, provided the parent has a bachelors degree. But here qualifications are irrelevant; the real issue is one of parental >

More in-depth evaluations for Grand Forks teachers
Dec 20, 7:25 AM:

Overview of new teacher evals to be used in Grand Forks. Explores how they're more rigorous than previous ones and independent of state's efforts under NCLB waiver.

School board comes to terms with HickoryTech
Oct 24, 1:19 PM:

A ND Board okays plan to go with phone company's proposal to offer district Wide Area Network capabilities.  No groundwork on what WAN means to students and teachers, though.

Majority PAC targets Berg on cuts to education, McMahon on Social Security with new ads
Oct 8, 1:10 PM:

U.S. Senate candidates running ed ads to promote themselves and denounce opponents. Some of these ads, including ones in CT, are from PACs. Gives examples of ads and how they are used.

Minot schools approve budget
Oct 5, 12:56 PM:

Nitty gritty on district school budget revealed at meeting. He said-she said account of meeting offers little insight into how money is spent to boost quality of instruction and student achievement.

BPS and MPS say formal evaluations already in use
Aug 29, 6:15 AM:

ND officials voted this month to apply for NCLB waiver & teacher eval already part of state plan. . Student tests not yet used and principal eval will be piloted. State also part of fed eval study to see if evals have impact on >

Status quo unacceptable
May 4, 6:57 AM:

Pits success of kids against prevailing winds of status quo, with students loosing big in Buffalo (NY) since Johns Hopkins U walked away from turning around 2 schools. Union fought evals. A shake-my-head kinda story.

Legislative boost for open campus
May 3, 9:39 AM:

Legislation for PA open-campus plan moves forward. Plan would provide a range of online, traditional, hybrid courses to students in three districts. Some info on how the offerings differ from current district programs would be >

Statel, local officials dispute 'suspicious' test results
Mar 28, 11:07 AM:

ND Ed official says no statistical or anecdotal evidence of cheating found in review of investigation of ATL newspaper allegations of suspect test scores. Says deeper analysis shows accusations unfounded. No mention here how info >



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