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Charter school bill returning to NC Senate floor
Feb 23, 12:11 PM:

As NC prepares to lift number cap on charter schools and create a separate charter commission, it would be nice to know how the changes are likely to impact the number and quality of charter schools. Look to other states and make >

The Charter School Coin Has Two Sides
Feb 23, 10:17 AM:

Pilot editor believes charters drain best kids from public schools, discusses school choice merely on political level. Didn't question why students exiting in first place -- less-than-stellar opportunities to blame. Bigger problem >

School jobs are still at stake
Feb 21, 10:43 AM:

Federal stimulus helped save teacher jobs, but delayed inevitable budget shortcomings and forestalled necessary reform discussions. Refreshing take on issue -- harsh realities must be dealt with in terms of what's best for >

Local leaders oppose raising charter cap
Feb 21, 9:11 AM:

NC legislators introduce a bill to remove a cap on charters schools and open charters to additional sources of state revenue. Mentions cap removal was a major GOP issue in 2010 elections.  But the focus is on opponents who claim >

Perdue protects education in new budget proposal
Feb 18, 11:25 AM:

NC Gov. Bev Purdue proposed a new budget that aims to close the state's deficit while protecting Ed funding. GOP leaders predict some ed cuts in the legislature's bill, say money alone isn't the answer. Ed conflict lost amid mixed >

Senior projects get support
Feb 17, 12:27 PM:

Senior projects could become district-wide requirement in Guilford County, NC. Goal is to help students explore career options or college-like research, but no indication as to why one project is best way to do this and why senior >

NC charter school changes approved by Senate panel
Feb 17, 9:39 AM:

Divided State Senate ed committee approves measure to end current law allowing only 100 charters. Opposition and support for ending charter cap well documented here, and lack of nonacademic facilities at some charters. Would be >

Republicans Push School Choice
Feb 16, 9:59 AM:

NC legislation could lift charter cap and institute tax credits. Take-away opines result is poor children left in weakened public schools, yet charters often serve economically disadvantaged students otherwise stuck in local >

Moores Two Charter Schools Have Faced Major Problems
Feb 14, 11:14 AM:

NC school granted renewal after demonstrating 70% proficiency level. Report why renewal was denied in the first place. No substantial information on problems other school has faced.

Marchers target Wake County's change in busing policy
Feb 14, 10:46 AM:

Rally in Raleigh protests Wake County's vote to end the district's busing-for-diversity policy. Needed here is an explanation for the reasoning behind the board's actions.


Debate on fairness ensues in Asheville area as North Carolina lawmakers plan to lift cap on charter schools
Feb 14, 9:48 AM:

Dispute over tax credits and lifting charter cap. Negatives dominate reporting -- no word on how when state can expect this to be resolved.

NC looks to lower rate of school suspensions
Feb 11, 1:58 PM:

NC students are suspended at the third-highest rate in the US, with black students suspended far more than others. Data from several counties across the state, but no comparison to other states. 

Wednesday at the NC General Assembly
Feb 10, 11:10 AM:

Push to lift charter cap faces less opposition since N.C. General Assembly switch to GOP. Lets stop politicizing the charter war and focus the discussion around student achievement.

NC virtual public school among fastest growing in US
Feb 10, 10:04 AM:

Nothing but high praise for N.C.'s booming virtual public schools. Program solves most practical concerns, but what about the real question: how's the quality of the education?

State board approves charter school growth
Feb 9, 3:37 PM:

Tarheel Board of Ed and state legislature are letting some schools expand, but challenges moves to allow other bodies to approve. Such opposition goes unquestioned, as does how NC fits into the national scene.

Teachers resign after rigging exam
Feb 9, 1:29 PM:

Guilt seems evident in account of teachers cheating on state exam. Why such contempt for the test and what made it worth the teachers' risk? 

Pilot GREAT program works with 7th-graders
Feb 8, 4:41 PM:

Pilot program teaches 7th-graders how to make correct choices- it's success based on opinions. Could tell more on success of similar DARE program to guide Lincoln County Bd. on district-wide implementation.

Charter push goes beyond raising cap
Feb 7, 2:34 PM:

Fear of draining public school funds by lifting the cap on charters finds heavy opposition in Raleigh. Charter laws and budgets are addressed in this piece but there's no mention of how more chartrs will affect student >

Seniors say they're grateful for pre-K jump-start
Feb 7, 1:45 PM:

Five Tarheel state seniors piloted a pre-K program but tracking the impact of their pre-K experience had on their overall education is tricky.  Puff piece on pre-K's importance.

Stam: Offset private school costs
Feb 7, 12:57 PM:

NC taxes could fund private school tuition. You don't explain state's other school choice options.



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