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Future of NY schools, teachers on line in Gov.'s proposed budget
Feb 15, 11:01 PM:

NY Gov set to cut ed budget.  Put the $1.2 billion in cuts into perspective by showing how students will be effected.  Anyone know if cuts focus on classrooms or admin. offices?  Fact checks needed to see if Dolan is correct that >

NY Middle School Library Instruction Potentially Under Fire
Feb 14, 11:25 AM:

NY debates cutting library skills and others from middle schools to help balance budget. Add meaning to the arguments by letting the public know details of the plans. How will they enable positive ed outcomes?

State report on school funds sparks outcry, debate
Feb 14, 11:05 AM:

Gov proposes 7.3% ed funding cut citing large reserves and leftover stimulus money as cushion. He hopes the move will prompt less waste and boost efficiency. What are the best practices for achieving this while bettering student >

CDEC 30 Protests DOE Underutilization Decision
Feb 10, 11:45 AM:

Study finds inaccuracies in NYC Dept. of Ed. capacity and utilization data that decides construction, closings, and building sharing. No indication of citywide impact — or effect on student achievement.

Schools Facing Cuts if Lunches Aren’t Paid For
Feb 9, 10:15 AM:

Cuts imminent if unpaid lunch money isn't collected. Could've delved more into what other states do to remedy issue so NYC administrators have some examples. Even better, talk about overall spending to point out wastefulness. >

Graduates, but Ill-Prepared -
Feb 9, 9:23 AM:

New York students who graduate high school aren't all college or career-ready according to exam scores. Let's talk about what's being done to prepare students for next steps -- article neglects discussing school quality.  >

Fears rise for kids at axed schools
Feb 8, 1:50 PM:

Ten Bronx schools are to close and be replaced with smaller facilities, stirring anxieties. Might be a good idea to ask what alternatives are available More options, please.

Graduates, but Ill-Prepared -
Feb 8, 1:37 PM:

Most N.Y. students aren't prepared for college or careers after graduation says the Dept. of Ed. Lots of data tells the real story.  It would be interesting to see how the results compare to other state wide assessments.



United for failure
Feb 7, 3:31 PM:

Columnist suggests NYC teacher union president bears a resemblance to Karl Marx, then argues convincingly how so. Examples of failing schools and misguided policies make the case that the union's looking out for its own ranks, not >

Brooklyn Assemblyman Calls For Moratorium On School Closures
Feb 7, 2:54 PM:

Brooklyn pol wants to stop record-setting school closings in NYC but the article won't help you understand how he plans to turn around failing schools. 

BREAKING: City closes a Prospect Heights middle school to make way for a charter
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Feb 4, 2:59 PM:

Breaking story on a middle sch. closure in N.Y. The low-performing school will be replaced with a charter although it is not clear what age group the charter will cover. More info on the larger picture needed. Is this a trend? >

Ballston Spa Central School District studies how to improve response to special education students' needs
Feb 4, 12:00 PM:

Some school officials would like to change the system for teaching special education in one New York school district. We would like to see more about the techniqes and methods the schools want to try.

Study to merge four local school districts underway
Feb 4, 10:35 AM:

Going over logistics: budgets, numbers, transportation, etc., is good and necessary, but what about the big picture? Should we not spend time to think about how this merger might affect students and their capability to learn, >

Rochester On The Brink Of Reform
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Feb 3, 12:09 PM:

Effective opinion piece in support of Supt. Brizard’s push for teacher accountability in Rochester. Teacher unions resist the reform. A comparison with other sch. districts implanting similar measures would add a lot.

Some Rochester special ed teachers against suggested cuts
Feb 2, 2:02 PM:

Why does the government have to spend more taxpayer dollars to hire someone, whose job it is to then tell the government who they need to hire/fire? If a system works, use the system. If a system doesn't work, get rid of it. In >

At School-Closing Hearing, Chancellor Gets an Earful
Feb 2, 2:00 PM:

Chancellor Black and Ed. Panel hear public opinion on plan to close trad. public schools and expand charters. Rationale for panel's plan, as well as opposition to plan, is absent from reporting!

Panel Votes to Close 10 Schools Following Raucous Hearing
Feb 2, 11:22 AM:

A raucous debate over low-performance school closings and expansion of some charter schools in New York City is as confusing to the reader as it must have been to those who were there. Adding to the befuddlement is use of such >

Hearing To Discuss Fate Of Brooklyn School Turns Rowdy
Jan 31, 3:08 PM:

There is a fight about a charter school, but there is no mention of why. There is no description of the school that is closing, or the one that might replace it. More information isn't just called for, it is essential. >

Trapped kids need to get a fair shake
Jan 28, 12:45 PM:

Great cost comparison showing how Buffalo could be getting more bang for its buck with a public boarding school. Only option though? What is Buffalo doing to uplift students in “gritty, urban neighborhoods”?

Editorial: Reform and the Teachers Unions
Jan 26, 11:16 AM:

NY Times editorial discusses the intelligence shown by the teacher union president Randi Weingarten's decision to accept some change in the teacher’s arbitration instead of standing firm. Good point, well taken.



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