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A new movement lets children take leadership of their education
Mar 14, 4:46 PM:

All about expeditionary learning, which is a model based on 2 decades of work at Harvard's Graduate School of Education inspired by Outward Bound. Looks at MO schools. Implied is that students can learn "in the field" and maintain >

D.C.s Answer to Harlem Childrens Zone Ready to Break Ground
Mar 14, 4:26 PM:

A grant from the federal Promise Neighborhoods program is leading to a cradle-to-college initiative in DC that replicates work done at the Harlem Children's Zone. Step one is early childhood services. While article explains >

Randy Turner: The Failure of American Teachers
Mar 14, 2:15 PM:

Bottom line here is that the columnist, as a teacher and former reporter, and her teaching colleagues have failed American education, not for reasons making headlines today, but for the mean-spiritedness of legislators making >

Video games produce mixed report card for students' classroom skills - Atomictown: Video Reviews | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news
Mar 14, 1:30 PM:

Some educators think video games may be stimulating youngsters to learn -- but all agree too much is not good. Interesting interviews that cite increased boldness in students, but all anecdotal. Would be stronger if some research >

Inquirer Editorial: Some cuts aren't smart
Mar 14, 11:17 AM:

Editorial believes benefits of all-day kindergarten outweigh costs and shouldn't be part of PA gov's cuts. Cites research that students scored higher on state tests if they attended all-day kindergarten, but no breakdown of >

San Lorenzo Valley charter school thrives with online, home-based programs
Mar 14, 10:38 AM:

CA blended learning charter offers abundance of curriculum providers so parents can decide what's best for their child. To ensure progress, students must meet with a teacher every 20 days. Stories of happy parents not surprising >

Teacher says debate has ignored a crucial issue: parents
Mar 14, 10:34 AM:

IN teacher wrote letter to governor critiquing focus on teacher and education reform, and says more needs to be done to increase parental involvement. Letter struck a nerve with teachers who say parent issue remains a concern. >

Fewer youths meet goals
Mar 14, 9:32 AM:

Asst. superintendent of TX district brushes off school performance data deemed inadequate by NCLB -- thinks adequate yearly progress data unfairly skews reputation of otherwise good schools. No indication that schools pushing >

How far can schools go in regulating teachers' social-media use?
Mar 14, 8:59 AM:

Questions about use of social media in classrooms heat up as more teachers are disciplined for blogging or tweeting about their students. Technology can be a useful tool for teaching as examples show, but all sides agree that >

Obama Pushes Overhaul of No Child Left Behind
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Photo by Obama-Biden Transition Project
Mar 14, 6:15 AM:

President Obama continues school tour, this time to unveil proposed changes to No Child Left Behind. History of bill provided, along with general outline of what Obama will announce. Goal is to cut back on fed requirements, while >

Pay Teachers More
Mar 14, 4:37 AM:

Want top teachers? Then pay top wages is columnist's plea. Backs up view by citing Singapore and South Korea where teachers are paid more than lawyers and engineers and come from the top third of their college cohort. Takes the >

For Detroit Schools, Hope for the Hopeless
Mar 14, 4:36 AM:

Detroit's $425,000/year head of schools and alleged financial whiz (well, he got himself that salary, didn't he?) is blamed for the continued downward spiral of city schools. Covers ins and outs of paying for a dying school system >

Detroit Plan Makes Big Charter School Bet
Mar 14, 4:35 AM:

Notes that Detroit, with abysmal student test scores, plans to turn over nearly one-third of public schools into charters. Challenge union bravado over hiring non-unionized charter teachers. What has the union done lately to boost >

Beyond Charter Schools
Mar 14, 4:33 AM:

Takes a giant stride forward while discussing comeback of vouchers in PA and DC  to support dollars following the child not only to charter schools, but to privates via voucher programs, cyber classrooms and homeschooling. >

Rochelle Riley: The fix for American schools is change
Mar 11, 5:31 PM:

Editorial's title says change is the answer, but answers given in piece reflect thinking from 2 decades ago. The notion that a factory-based model for education is outmoded in a technological age was preached way back in the >

Education policy: Schools out
Mar 11, 1:10 PM:

Mayors in Newark, NYC, Detroit, Providence all are attempting to address budget crunch with enacting policies to fire ineffective teachers and/or close schools. Their siren call is flexibility to fire worst and keep the best, >

LAUSD Superintendent Cortines backs teachers' plan for new school
Mar 11, 9:54 AM:

Los Angeles Unified Supt. supports construction of a new campus that would be operated by district outsiders. That's great but what exactly is the plan? "The instruction plan is well-developed, student-centered and includes a >

Schools work to deal with cuts
Mar 11, 6:42 AM:

PA Gov's budget cuts, followed by elimination of several grant programs knocked the wind out of Pittsburgh area school leaders. Data includes dollar figure losses for certain districts based on findings from both districts' and >

Q Comp pay plan isn't a winner with Anoka-Hennepin teachers
Mar 11, 6:28 AM:

Union and district agree to a new merit pay plan, currently based on seniority and education credits, but it doesn't reach the 75% threshold when brought to union's membership for vote. Union rep says teachers felt community would >

Two new charter schools on city’s horizon
Mar 11, 5:55 AM:

Two new charter school proposals under state review for Niagara Falls -- an all-girls college prep school and a global sciences charter. Teachers union predicts loss of $12 million to (other) district schools. Supt. reportedly >



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