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GOP blasts Obama’s proposed budget plan
Feb 14, 3:34 PM:

Criticism of Obama's increase in ed spending and in other domestic areas dominates.  Would like to hear more specific criticism on ed package than just too much money.

Obama requests $4.5 billion increase for education in 2012
Feb 14, 3:30 PM:

Outlining what the president wants education's budget to be, complete with puffy PR, without telling the public what steps are likely to occur leaves the reader feeling like it's a done deal. Granted, this is an annual event and >

Reform requires political will
Feb 14, 1:27 PM:

List of reform ideas to transform K-12 ed.  Usual suspects of ending tenure, choice, parent trigger.  Bonus points for holding principals accountable & tying them into performance bonuses, too

Education reform, reaching Ohio's at-risk students are main goals of Race to the Top program |
Feb 14, 12:40 PM:

Hechinger Report and Education Writers Association examination of federal stimulus package, with OH details on Race to the Top. Too-strong strings attached cause some schools to back out.  More info on strings & if schools think >

Give families another school choice
Feb 14, 12:05 PM:

Calls for cap on "fiery rhetoric" to attack vouchers & uses U of Chicago study of FL schools to illuminate how kids from low-income homes helped & improve academically.  Sane commentary on Ind. voucher bill. >

Editorial: Not just for rich kids
Feb 14, 11:43 AM:

Congress should reinstate DC voucher program.  Taps into too many old arguements.  Want to know more about why DC Opportunity Scholarship Program was a success, particularly how students benefited.

?Star? educator Michelle Rhee sparks debate in Florida
Feb 14, 11:35 AM:

Former DC Schools Chancellor counsels lawmakers in various states on getting rid of ineffective teachers. Praise abounds but opponents are miffed. Her impact on the actions of the states she is visiting would be helpful to know. >

Elementary kids most expelled over fake guns
Feb 14, 11:10 AM:

Proposed bill would ban the sale of toy guns to minors—but since parents would still be able to buy for kids, it'd be good to hear more about  the gnarly issue of how to communicate any ban on fake guns to parents.  >

Schools brace for halt in funds
Feb 14, 10:01 AM:

Investigative reporting of $100 billion in stimulus funding and how it was spent, continues. Loophole let states use funds intended for education on balancing budgets. Explains the stimulus as shoring up existing problems without >

Mississippi Sen. Cochran to help rewrite No Child Left Behind education law
Feb 14, 9:15 AM:

MS Sen. joins Rural Education Caucus to promote needs of districts for rewrite of No Child Left Behind. You don't report on effects of federal law thus far -- can't tell how touted changes will substantially benefit rural >

School-stimulus benefit may be short-lived
Feb 13, 1:13 PM:

News organizations nationwide along with Hechinger Report and Education Writers Association collaborate to uncover looming difficulties in changing ed bureacracy for long-term impact. Up next, we hope:  Revealing solutions that >

State officials pursue private support for public school reform initiatives
Feb 13, 12:39 PM:

Race to Top funds no more for Ill., so state seeks private $$s to fund initiatives. Money equated with caring. Need to question if programs hit the mark rather than accept it as at quote's value.

Minorities falling at elite high schools
Feb 13, 10:11 AM:

Low admission rate for black & Hispanic kids to NYC's competitive HS is downward trend. Dig deeper to discover why officials don't release success rate of middle school test-prep, what's being done in earlier grades and the entry >

Adams: Mother indicted for Parenting While Black
Feb 11, 10:52 AM:

Much-publicized case covered given a new spin; that it's about being black. Woman treated as a criminal for seeking what "whites have taken for granted," i.e., good schools. But what other options are or should be available to >

Daniels: I'd have the cash, credentials for campaign
Feb 11, 10:06 AM:

Ind. Gov. Daniels primes for the 2012 presidential race, citing calls from business and community leaders. He's a strong charters supporter in Indiana, but what will be his national policy?

Educating our Children: Students Switching to Charter Schools
Feb 11, 8:22 AM:

Growth in charter schools causes more students to switch over. Success is attributed to ability to innovate, change quickly, hold high expectations/accountability. Next step: Look at what's holding back public schools from doing >

California high schoolers do better and take more AP exams
Feb 10, 1:09 PM:

Cal. AP participation is up, but wide gap persists with minority kids. Some schools better than others, but no attempt is made to qualify and quantify where success is, or why.

Scott's Budget Includes Education Cuts - First News Story - WKMG Orlando
Feb 10, 12:30 PM:

Rick Scott recants on a promise and slashes education funds. While this is a tough choice, and schools face tough times, there is much more to education than money. How do other systems do more with less?

It's time for reporters >

Demand for Chinese teachers high in Oregon
Feb 10, 12:10 PM:

Virtual Education Center offers Oregon students Chinese language instruction and contracts are being signed by state officials to bring in native speakers.  But it's just a supplement. What next?


There is a nationwide focus >

Boyertown school board does not sign on to cyber program with BCIU (219)
Feb 10, 12:01 PM:

Boyertown school board explores option of a cyber charter school. No details on what a cyber charter school is, or why and how it would provide a good choice here.



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