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Jan 26, 2:58 PM:

An upbeat and unswerving story about the growth of charter schools across the country. Little to not like about this piece, except that is isn't longer. More facts about charter schools success rate? Plenty to tell.

MICHELLE MALKIN: Cash for education clunkers
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Jan 26, 1:29 PM:

This highly opinionated article claims that government spending on education does not improve schools. It criticizes the system along with proposals for reform. Not enough evidence to back up some radical claims.

Less than half of students proficient in science
Jan 26, 1:10 PM:

"Very disappointing."  Quite the understatement and certainly not new news!  And, more time on science doesn't necessarily translate into more knowledge.  Let's change the story from pitiful NAEP scores and the obligatory >

EDUCATION: Safe is for losers
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Jan 26, 12:23 PM:

Dismaying results on a national test in science, Obama promising improvements but delivering little, radical policies needed... This opinion piece has its heart in the right place but needs more data and more balance.

Rhee's necessary toughness
Jan 26, 12:10 PM:

How can one condemn incomplete progress as wrong in a nation where any progress whatsoever is scarce? Perhaps Michelle Rhee's full-bodied brew of an approach is the very reason she made any changes. Politicians all over the >

Test: U.S. students failing science
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Jan 26, 12:05 PM:

This report on students' low scores in science has a rightfully alarming tone. US students will not be able to hold the technology positions of the future. Good article but please clarify if only public schools were tested. >

Nat'l Test: Less Than Half Proficient In Science
Jan 26, 11:30 AM:

The article notes the education crisis in the United States, adding to the urgency families, teachers and lawmakers need to act with. But it doesn't raise solutions offered by reformers, which should be discussed.

Better teachers without tenure
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Jan 25, 3:05 PM:

Quality teachers help close the achievement gap and generate millions of dollars in student future earnings. Still, more info is needed on how the study was conducted and how predictions were made.

Q&A: Start with hiring great teachers; also demand more from schools
Jan 25, 2:52 PM:

How exactly do "great" school systems train teachers? Too many generalities for an interview with a co-author of  "How the World's Best Performing School Systems Come Out on Top."

Panel OKs classroom cameras bill
Jan 25, 11:01 AM:

This article could've described other bills- video pilot program, teacher tenure repeal, and the accountability bill- to help public and parents understand possible changes. Critical information because unannounced camera >

Build a support system to help students learn
Jan 25, 11:00 AM:

"Not ready to learn" seems too harsh. The article cites evidence that "wraparound" or supplemental services improve graduation rates though such services are often poorly funded. A cogent argument for improved funding of school >

Va county picked for national education meeting
Jan 25, 10:56 AM:

AP article gives the facts but no context. VA county is chosen to participate in a national education conference but it is not clear what this conference has set out to do. And what were the criteria for choosing counties?

Teacher appraisal faces own test
Jan 25, 10:42 AM:

Obama, Christie are addressing long overdue changes needed in the education system. While value-added evaluation methods are controversial because they're not "perfect," current evaluations do not account for student performance. >

Governor Corbett Proclaims 'Pennsylvania School Choice Week'
Jan 25, 10:22 AM:

The article on Gov. Corbett's support for school choice could have given more attention to what the choices actually are and how PA is using those choices in state schools.

Charter schools expand with public, private money
Jan 21, 11:56 AM:

Funded by public and private money, new charters are opening doors all around the country. This is great progress considering the majority of charters improve student performance. How long will critics focus on money issues >

Charter schools expand with public, private money -
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Jan 21, 11:54 AM:

Despite poor economy, charter schools grow and expand w/Federal, well-heeled donors, positive publicity (Waiting for Superman).  Also in play: charters' access to public (AND private) money and being red-tape free. >

Charter schools expand with public, private money
Jan 21, 11:21 AM:

The number of charter schools continues to grow significantly in California and nationally, signalling that the alternative schools present a bright future for education. Charter schools, unlike some public schools, are held >

Md. school offers blueprint for successful charter style
Jan 20, 1:20 PM:

A Washington Post reporter shows how a private school using public funds can be a example of successful cooperation between local governments and charter schools.

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Releases Annual Ranking of State Charter Laws; Race to the Top Helped Some States Improve
Jan 20, 12:35 PM:

States that made major improvements in their charter school laws over the past year rank highest in the just-released National Alliance for Public Charter Schools annual report. Weak laws make for weak charter school programs. >

More charter schools likely on N.C. horizon
Jan 20, 12:16 PM:

North Carolina's new legislature is opening doors for new charters. Even though new Gov. Perdue ran against charters, public and legislature opinion are changing her thinking.



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