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Opinion | School Districts Are Hoarding Federal Covid Funds
Aug 3, 8:22 AM:

The Recover Act would allow states and school districts to use their unspent dollars from the American Rescue Plan to issue Child Opportunity Scholarships directly to parents. The scholarships, targeted for low-income students, >

‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage
Aug 3, 8:15 AM:

The teacher shortage in America has hit crisis levels — and school officials everywhere are scrambling to ensure that, as students return to classrooms, someone will be there to educate them.

Cities across the U.S. face crisis as fewer kids enroll in public schools
Aug 2, 10:33 AM:
A state law prohibits Chicago from closing or consolidating schools until 2025. And across the U.S., COVID-19 relief money is helping subsidize shrinking schools. But when the money runs out in a few years, officials will face a >
How some children prospered in pandemic online learning
Aug 2, 10:20 AM:
While media often seemed to report on negative aspects of online schooling, this was not a universal experience.
Opinion | Arizona can go even bolder on school vouchers. Here's how
Jul 28, 10:29 AM:

For the citizens of Arizona, the educational futures of their students improved dramatically when Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law the expansion of the Empower Scholarship Accounts (ESA), making it possible for every parent – not >

School mask mandates return as latest coronavirus variants surge
Jul 28, 10:24 AM:

Mask mandates are making a comeback at public schools in Louisville. They could return to Los Angeles, after a possible decision this week. And outside Atlanta, where classes start in a matter of days, they are required for school >

COVID Taught More Than 1 Million Parents the Value of School Choice
Jul 28, 10:18 AM:

Educational freedom is good for everybody but unions, bureaucrats, and the education establishment.

CREDO examines charter school performance in three cities
Jul 28, 10:08 AM:

Are charter schools helping students succeed? Many studies have contributed to answering this multidimensional question, including a recent Fordham Institute report highlighting the association between a rise in charter student >

School Choice Advocates Rack Up Major Victories In 2022, With One Setback
Jul 28, 10:05 AM:

Teachers union bosses often got their way during the pandemic when they were able to prevent in-person schooling in many jurisdictions well into 2021, long after vaccines were made widely available. Though it appears, based on >

New School Model Combines Virtual Reality With Classical Education
Jul 27, 8:15 AM:

Virtual reality allows teachers and students to meet live in a virtual space from home...

Thanks, But No Thanks: Why Teachers Don't Want to Be Administrators
Jul 26, 9:18 AM:

The move from standout teacher to administrative leader may seem like a no brainer: better pay, a private office, more influence. But not everyone sees it that way.

How to Encourage a Reluctant Reader
Jul 26, 9:15 AM:

Try these strategies if persuading your child to read feels like pulling teeth.

Exclusive: Lawmakers to address school choice and transparency laws at upcoming meeting
Jul 26, 8:56 AM:

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will hold its annual meeting this week, where lawmakers and policy leaders will address education bills focused on parental rights and school choice.

Here’s What Schools Actually Did With The Billions In COVID Bucks Meant For Improved Ventilation
Jul 26, 8:32 AM:

Despite schools being shut down for months and receiving billions of dollars to install high-quality air-filtration systems during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them never installed those systems, according to a Centers for >

Some schools hit hard by virus make few changes for new year
Jul 25, 10:53 AM:

Some school systems around the country have moved to bolster staffing to minimize disruptions, but many are hoping for the best without doing much else differently compared with last year.

After Decades of Dominating the Issue, Democrats Losing Voters’ Trust on Education Policy
Jul 25, 10:30 AM:

A handful of new polls suggest that voters, after more than two years of pandemic-related policies and debate over school curricula, trust Republicans more than they do Democrats when it comes to educating their children.


Pro-School Choice Candidates Outperform During Primaries: American Federation for Children
Jul 22, 10:36 AM:

Candidates that get behind school choice are outperforming during the primaries, according to Corey DeAnglis, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children.

(Opinion) School choice winning but teachers union empire striking back
Jul 21, 8:05 AM:

The school choice movement is winning like never before, but government school defenders are doing all they can to protect their monopoly.

Why Putting the ‘Science of Reading’ Into Practice Is So Challenging
Jul 21, 8:03 AM:

North Carolina is one of more than two dozen states that have embarked on an attempt to radically transform reading instruction over the past few years. The goal is to bring instruction in line with the decades of research on how >

Research highlights positive impacts of math-focused summer learning
Jul 21, 8:01 AM:

Summer math learning programs can be effective in mitigating learning losses disproportionately experienced by low-income pre-K-12 students during the pandemic, according to research published Wednesday by the American Educational >



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