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What’s Your Number?
Oct 3, 5:48 PM:

Each Michigan school district took time to count their students in accordance with annual count day. Only two districts’ numbers are up from last year. DOE uses numbers to determine funding for the year.

Enrollment Doubles After Cap Lifted
Sep 27, 5:40 AM:

After the removal of the enrollment cap in MI, one virtual school's population doubled in size.  Cyber students from the school went on a field trip and are not missing out on the social aspect of their education.

Virtual School Off To Good Start
Sep 25, 6:03 AM:

A MI public virtual school is in its inaugural year and is happy to provide to its students highly qualified teachers, though they are taking some time to learn new techniques to educate online better.  Officials say the school >

Students Making Gains In Unique Charter
Sep 24, 11:12 AM:

In the Muskegon Heights District, Michigan, students are making gains at a faster rate than under the old system. The public school district became the states first full privatized district recently. The district is now run by a >

Agassi Helps Fund Detroit Charter
Sep 16, 11:13 AM:

Tennis great Andre Agassi's charter school fund helps open new school in Detroit area. Funds help with purchasing and renovating new facility. School curriculum to emphasize arts, theater, dance and music. Agassi cites inability >

Virtual And Alternative Oh My
Sep 12, 12:57 PM:

Vern Van Y Elementary in of the Atherton, MI school district had been vacant up until recently. Now the site will host a "non-traditional" alternative academy called Atherton Alternative Virtual Academy. Students will take courses >

Recruiting Students Through The Year
Sep 12, 5:25 AM:

MI schools deal with charter schools and a shrinking population as they continue to recruit throughout the school year.  The marketing campaign includes different types of media and centers around getting more students for more >

Teacher Evaluations In MI
Sep 3, 6:00 AM:

Debate over which type of teacher evaluations to use in MI is raging, yet different districts enjoy the opportunity to make the choice of which assessment is best for them.  No matter which one districts choose, teacher >

Cyber Boom In Michigan
Aug 30, 4:35 AM:

MI continues its tradition of leading in digital learning this school year with the opening of five new cyber schools.  According to students and parents in the article, they are thankful for the new opportunities available.   >

Alternative Virtual School Partnership
Aug 29, 5:36 AM:

Two traditional schools in MI are pairing up to offer students in danger of dropping out or falling behind on requirements a chance to succeed.  A new alternative virtual academy is opening between their two districts to fulfill >

MI District Closing Leads to Choice
Aug 27, 6:48 AM:

Thankfully the state has a school choice program since one traditional public school district recently closed due to insolvency.  The districts surrounding are preparing to deal with the increasing students.  Like so many >

Scoring Schools
Aug 19, 6:46 AM:

MI schools will receive score card that is color-coded for how well school or district is doing. Green, for example, is top scorer, meaning most goals were met. Unlike NCLB goals, these are individualized for school and district. >

Selecting Schools For Reform
Aug 15, 5:58 AM:

MI Super getting ready to decide which schools will be placed in state reform school system. So far the reform authority manages 15 schools, all in Detroit. The Education Achievement Authority was created in 2011.

Advertising For Students
Aug 14, 6:07 AM:

A majority of Detroit school-age kids do not attend city's public schools and officials are going door-to-door to get them back from charters, privates and elsewhere. New ad campaign underway, too.

Detroit Marketing Its Public Schools
Aug 9, 7:06 AM:

After years of declining enrollment and dealing with a massive budget deficit, Detroit Public Schools market each of its singular schools to gain new students.  Families have been transferring children to charters and suburban >

MI Year Round Schooling
Aug 1, 7:15 AM:

District receives waiver to start school year earlier than others in state. Schedule change voluntary for students and teachers, part of wider trend to close achievement gap and increase learning retention. Some Detroit area >

MI Charter School Boom
Jul 26, 2:54 PM:

Nearly 40 new charter schools will open in Michigan with charter schools already serving over 130,000 students statewide. Concerns persist over charters that provide choice but are low-performing. Article validates controversial >

MI Considers Cash and Common Core
Jul 26, 11:11 AM:

MI officials worry that without accepting Common Core Standards or coming up with their own specialized standards, they will lose federal funding for education.  As the debate over Common Core rages in the state, many are worried >

New Teacher Evals For MI?
Jul 25, 10:23 AM:

MI panel proposes new teacher evaluation system. Opposing educators believe implementing new system too costly, would drain educators and schools of time and resources. 

MI Teacher Development And Accountability
Jul 24, 5:51 PM:

Under a new plan that must be in place in the next two years, MI educators and administrators will all be subject to a new accountability system.  The state hopes the new evaluations will get rid of failing professionals and help >



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