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Attorney: Suspending charter school authorizers is lengthy process
Aug 22, 6:41 AM: A drafter of Michigan’s original charter school law has some advice for state schools Superintendent Mike Flanagan — slow down a bit, at least when it comes to suspending charter school authorizers from opening new >
Where West Michigan charter schools, authorizers landed on list of new, closed academies
Aug 21, 8:46 AM: There are no new charter schools scheduled to open in the Grand Rapids area this fall, according to a Wednesday press release from the state charter school association of new and closed charters for the 2014-15 school year.
Editorial: Who should run Detroit’s schools?
Aug 20, 6:10 AM: School choice, at least in the form of charter and traditional public schools, is spreading rapidly in Detroit. And while that’s a promising development for families in the city, the exponential expansion of new schools has led to >
Letter: Charter schools embody ‘separate but equal’
Aug 15, 7:33 AM: It’s nice to see that the authorities are finally scrutinizing our “fair-haired” charter schools. Just because they were created to be better than the regular public schools doesn’t mean they are.
Opinion: Want better Michigan schools? Think vouchers
Aug 15, 5:32 AM: When it comes to lackluster school results in Michigan, the problem isn’t charter schools. The state doesn’t need less choice. It needs more.
Editorial: Lawmakers must act on state plan to reform charter school law
Aug 14, 6:00 AM: Your move, lawmakers. Earlier this week, the state Board of Education proposed a host of very sensible changes to the state laws governing charter schools, in the wake of a June Free Press report that pointed to glaring problems in >
Livonia district removes charter, takes over Japanese immersion school
Aug 14, 5:31 AM: Livonia Public Schools has revoked the charter for a Japanese immersion school it authorized for four years and will operate the same program as a district magnet school this fall.
Jackson Public Schools adds a sixth school to state’s priority list of struggling schools
Aug 14, 4:58 AM: While Jackson Public Schools is adding another building to its growing list of state priority schools, two of the buildings already on this list are showing some progress.
Local charter school authorizers work on oversight issues, as State Board pushes legislative changes
Aug 14, 4:55 AM: The president of Lake Superior State University, which authorizes a handful of West Michigan schools, says the university is working with the state Department of Education to resolve outstanding issues that has it on a list of those >
State education board calls for sweeping changes to charter law
Aug 13, 10:20 AM: The State Board of Education voted along party lines today to call on the Legislature to enact sweeping changes to the state’s charter school law to address academic quality, transparency and accountability issues.
Opinion: Get tougher on public schools, not charters
Aug 11, 8:38 AM: There’s a terrific school in Hamtramck called Hamtramck Academy, where 81% of fourth-grade students tested proficient for reading in October, 2013. That’s up from 69% just three years ago, and it’s 33 percentage points higher than >
State ed department partners with Gary schools
Aug 11, 6:21 AM: When school begins this fall, the Indiana Department of Education will play a more significant role in operations at the Gary Community School Corp.
School Year Rework
Aug 7, 6:55 AM:

MI state budget yields funding to help schools make transitions to year-round calendar. Specifically discusses core issue but lacks what outcomes could be achieved if put in place.

Grand Rapids school board votes to continue to authorize its only charter school
Aug 5, 7:05 AM: The Grand Rapids Board of Education on Monday voted unanimously to enter into a new three-year contract to continue authorizing its only charter - the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center.
School District Revokes Authorization of Popular Charter
Aug 5, 6:50 AM: After putting the popular Hinoki International School in a box, Livonia Public Schools has now, in a phrase, thrown away the key.
Michigan ‘not going to wait long’ in push for charter school accountability
Jul 31, 8:48 AM: Participants in a three-hour meeting Wednesday between Michigan schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan and education advocates left convinced of one thing: Flanagan isn’t joking when he says he’s going to hold authorizers >
Editorial: Michigan’s classroom hostages
Jul 31, 6:06 AM: August means recess for Congress, the final weeks of vacation for students (the crickets begin to take on a particularly mournful sound at dusk), and this year, teachers in Michigan have a shot at freedom — if they hurry. The >
Calling Authorizers Meeting
Jul 30, 6:05 AM:

Charter school authorizers meet with MI superintendent regarding plan to enforce stricter accountability measures.  Covers information regarding topics discussed at conference, offers only one person's viewpoint.

Michigan school chief meets with charter leaders
Jul 29, 6:13 AM: Michigan’s schools superintendent will meet with charter school backers as he works to hold institutions accountable for schools they authorize.
Opinion: State should have cracked down on failing charter schools sooner
Jul 28, 5:18 AM: If Michigan colleges and universities were the authorizers of most of the charter schools, shouldn’t their expertise in matters educational mean they’ll turn out a superior product? If those institutions of higher learning also turn >



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