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Virtual learning on the rise in West Michigan: blended learning at Kent ISD
May 11, 8:37 AM:

Last year in Michigan, the number of courses students are taking online nearly doubled to about 300,000. Educators say it’s a piece of technology in the classroom that is not going away, but does not have to take over, either. >

DPS plans restructuring at 8 schools to boost academics
May 8, 9:20 AM: Detroit Public Schools announced plans Thursday to restructure academic offerings and make other changes at eight schools over the summer.
Long-term Pinckney private school transitions to charter
May 8, 7:28 AM: After 13 years of being a private school, Light of the World Academy Christian Montessori School will be converting to a K-6 public charter school starting this fall.
Teacher protest in Lansing closes 18 DPS schools
May 1, 6:50 AM: About 250 teachers traveled to Lansing on Thursday to protest Gov. Rick Snyder's proposal to overhaul Detroit Public Schools, prompting the closure of 18 schools in the district that were left thinly staffed.
‘Detroit fatigue’ greets Snyder’s Detroit schools plan
May 1, 5:29 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder's push for a financial rescue of Detroit's school system faces political hurdles in a Republican-run Legislature where "Detroit fatigue" is setting in and Democrats want immediate restoration of local >
Detroit teachers rally against Snyder’s school plans
Apr 29, 9:14 AM:

In advance of Gov. Rick Snyder's announcement this week of his plan to overhaul Detroit schools, the Detroit Federation of Teachers rallied late Tuesday afternoon in front of the state of Michigan offices in Cadillac Place. >

Snyder: Detroit education overhaul plan coming Thursday
Apr 29, 7:05 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder intends to "roll out" his plan to overhaul education in Detroit on Thursday.
Letter: All schools need higher standards (CER in the news)
Apr 24, 8:58 AM: We are pleased to be participating in a series of Town Hall meetings hosted by StudentsFirst-Michigan to examine the issue of charter school accountability, but if we are to make progress with academic outcomes for the students of >
Michigan representatives strip funding for private schools from education budget, send bill to the f
Apr 24, 7:17 AM: Over the objections of Democrats and one Republican, the Michigan House of Representatives is set to take up an education budget that proponents say would represent the largest amount of public money ever spent on education by the >
Snyder delays Detroit education overhaul plan
Apr 24, 5:36 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder has put off announcing his plans for overhauling Detroit Public Schools until next week, even as the district's teachers union began publicizing Thursday the direction the governor may pursue.
MI Failing No More
Apr 17, 6:17 AM:

Twenty-seven school removed from priority schools list after demonstrating academic improvements. Superintendent praises use of data, learning gains. Schools must demonstrate continued gains, submit improvement plans. 

Charter school raises $4.2M to begin major construction project
Apr 16, 6:27 AM: Black River Public School has raised $4.2 million to begin constructing an elementary building, add a science lab, auxiliary gym and make technology updates.
Detroit charter school teachers working to unionize
Apr 16, 5:55 AM: Teachers at three charter school districts in Detroit could vote as early as next month on whether to unionize.
Detroit Charter School Parents: Don’t Take Away Our Freedom to Choose
Apr 13, 8:29 AM: Educational choice in Detroit is worth the fight. That's the message from 11 Detroit-area families whose children attend charter schools and spoke to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy about a proposal to limit public charter >
Group proposes to close failing schools and create a zone of innovation
Apr 8, 6:48 AM: The Great Lakes Education Project has proposed closing Pontiac High School and other schools in Southeastern Michigan and sending their students to surrounding schools in what would be called an Education Innovation Zone.
Jacques: Busting the charter school myth (CER in the news)
Apr 3, 7:59 AM: The fact they go to such great lengths is a powerful testament to the value of these schools. Parents who are disappointed with Detroit Public Schools are making choices based on a variety of factors, from better academics to school >
Charter school leaves flyers on windshields during forum on Flint school closings
Apr 1, 7:00 AM: If Flint parents who attended a recent forum on the Flint School District's plans for closing more schools were disgruntled, they didn't have to look far for a charter school willing to teach their kids.
Return DPS to school board, shut EAA, coalition urges
Mar 31, 5:21 AM: A coalition of community and business leaders issued a report Monday calling for the state to return control of Detroit Public Schools to an elected school board, assume $350 million in DPS debt and give a mayoral-appointed >
Student exodus saps Detroit school finances
Mar 30, 6:46 AM: Detroit can't keep its schoolchildren: Each day, an estimated 25,000 school-age children go to suburban districts, leaving seats empty in classrooms citywide.
Detroit schools’ finances are in free-fall
Mar 26, 8:38 AM: Detroit Public Schools is $53 million behind in pension payments, costing the cash-strapped district $7,600 a day in interest penalties — or the equivalent of one child's annual state funding grant.



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