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Grand Rapids school board votes to continue to authorize its only charter school
Aug 5, 7:05 AM: The Grand Rapids Board of Education on Monday voted unanimously to enter into a new three-year contract to continue authorizing its only charter - the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center.
School District Revokes Authorization of Popular Charter
Aug 5, 6:50 AM: After putting the popular Hinoki International School in a box, Livonia Public Schools has now, in a phrase, thrown away the key.
Michigan ‘not going to wait long’ in push for charter school accountability
Jul 31, 8:48 AM: Participants in a three-hour meeting Wednesday between Michigan schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan and education advocates left convinced of one thing: Flanagan isn’t joking when he says he’s going to hold authorizers >
Editorial: Michigan’s classroom hostages
Jul 31, 6:06 AM: August means recess for Congress, the final weeks of vacation for students (the crickets begin to take on a particularly mournful sound at dusk), and this year, teachers in Michigan have a shot at freedom — if they hurry. The >
Calling Authorizers Meeting
Jul 30, 6:05 AM:

Charter school authorizers meet with MI superintendent regarding plan to enforce stricter accountability measures.  Covers information regarding topics discussed at conference, offers only one person's viewpoint.

Michigan school chief meets with charter leaders
Jul 29, 6:13 AM: Michigan’s schools superintendent will meet with charter school backers as he works to hold institutions accountable for schools they authorize.
Opinion: State should have cracked down on failing charter schools sooner
Jul 28, 5:18 AM: If Michigan colleges and universities were the authorizers of most of the charter schools, shouldn’t their expertise in matters educational mean they’ll turn out a superior product? If those institutions of higher learning also turn >
Flanagan to hold first of two charter school meetings today
Jul 28, 4:22 AM: State schools Superintendent Mike Flanagan will host representatives from Michigan’s charter school authorizers today.
Common Core draws support from John Engler, other former governors in new Web videos
Jul 24, 7:09 AM:

John Engler is one of three former Republican governors from across the country arguing in support of the Common Core State Standards in a set of new Web videos.

Teacher attrition costs Michigan schools up to $59 million annually, report estimates
Jul 22, 7:29 AM:

When a teacher leaves the classroom for good, it's an expensive proposition to not only fill the position but replace that experience. How expensive? As much as $59 million for Michigan schools.

Bill Schroer: Competition healthy alternative to monopolies
Jul 21, 7:58 AM:

This year marks the 23rd year of charter schools. Charters are increasingly popular (70 percent of Americans favor charter schools in a 2011 Pew Research poll) and over 2 million students across the country attend a charter.

Time to take action to fix charter schools (Guest column)
Jul 21, 7:06 AM:

The Free Press' recent investigation into Michigan's charter schools brought to the forefront what we in the education community have been talking about for years: accountability, oversight and quality.

State working with schools to build transparent system
Jul 21, 6:59 AM:

My goal, as state superintendent, is to have a public school system in Michigan that provides a quality education for all of our children and a transparent and accountable investment of our tax dollars. I want every school to be >

Letter: Charter schools get results for Michigan’s students
Jul 17, 5:47 AM: The Free Press’ charter school series failed to acknowledge or to give enough credence to a few key points about charter schools in Michigan.
Michigan races to replace MEAP
Jul 15, 6:57 AM: State education officials are feverishly working to develop a new statewide assessment with less than eight months to go until the start of high-stakes testing for Michigan’s K-12 students.
State superintendent plans meetings to hold charter school backers accountable
Jul 15, 5:33 AM: State school Superintendent Mike Flanagan will meet with Michigan charter school authorizers and charter advocacy groups in two separate meetings this month as he shapes his plan to hold universities and other institutions >
Column: Michigan’s mistake: Focusing on ideology, growth instead of charter school quality
Jul 14, 5:44 AM: Since our inception in 2010, Excellent Schools Detroit has been a fierce proponent of school choice and high academic standards, and we work in partnership with charter and private schools leaders, Detroit Public Schools and the >
Michigan Plans Charter Reforms
Jul 11, 7:51 AM:

State Sen. Majority Leader endorses charters, seeks strengthened accountability to ensure transparency in contracts.  Notes challenges under current charter legislation, but no mention of parents’ views or academic struggles >

Opinion: Michigan schools still largely mediocre
Jul 10, 5:12 AM: When students leave their high schools behind, they should be able to face their first college classes with confidence.
Candidates call for reform to give students access to good schools
Jul 9, 5:45 AM: Ten Michigan House and Senate candidates talked about education during a town hall in Detroit today, agreeing that more work must be done to change the state’s education system to ensure that all students have access to quality >



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