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Michigan’s charter law gets failing grade
Dec 4, 7:09 AM: Michigan has one of the worst ratings in a first-ever analysis of state policies for holding charter school authorizers accountable for their schools' academic performance.
Detroit 2nd in charter school market share, report says
Dec 3, 6:50 AM: Detroit has the nation’s second-highest percentage of students attending charter schools, according to a report issued Tuesday by a national association.
Teachers union members lobby Mich. lawmakers
Dec 3, 5:54 AM: Union members from the Detroit Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers Michigan were in Lansing Tuesday for what they called a “legislative action day” for the lame duck legislative session.
MI Second Chance Clicks
Dec 1, 8:20 AM:

MI online school provides opportunity for at-risk students who fail to graduate. Provides anecdotal success stories of virtual students, testimonials of schedule convenience from the online experience.

Inside Detroit’s Plan to Woo Middle-Class Parents to Its Public Schools
Nov 25, 6:04 AM: Hill has two more years before she has to pick a school for her four-year-old daughter, but she and her husband are starting their search now because she is overwhelmed by the number of options in Detroit, and underwhelmed by the >
Snyder aims to revamp Detroit schools
Nov 21, 6:02 AM: A recommendation this week by education reformers for a centralized system where Detroit parents would enroll their children in school is seen as the first step toward a broader debate about how to reshape public school management >
Separate fact from fiction on Michigan charter schools (CER in the news)
Nov 20, 10:23 AM: In states like Michigan, with multiple and independent authorizers, stronger, more objective oversight is used to ensure that successful charter schools remain open and those that fail to perform are closed. States with multiple >
Citywide school enrollment recommended for Detroit
Nov 19, 6:33 AM: Detroit should launch a citywide school enrollment system led by Mayor Mike Duggan, according to recommendations in a report released Tuesday by a nonprofit group.
Education reformer gives West Michigan blueprint for turning around failing schools
Nov 14, 6:11 AM: Houston Independent School District Superintendent Terry Grier gave local education, business and nonprofit leaders the groundbreaking formula he used to improve the seventh-largest district in the country and earn national >
Ferndale alternative high school going online only
Nov 12, 7:52 AM: The alternative high school opened in 2012 and has been a blend of an online program and a brick-and-mortar program — geared toward students who have dropped out or have trouble succeeding in a traditional setting.
4 education bills that could bring reforms by the end of 2014
Nov 12, 7:25 AM: A bill that could reform the way teachers and administrators are evaluated in Michigan that’s currently sitting in the Michigan Senate might have one of the best chances to become law, according to Rep. Adam Zemke, D-Ann Arbor. >
Bill in Senate could address teacher evaluations
Nov 10, 9:00 AM: Area school officials and teachers expressed a tense mix of confidence and uncertainty as they await news on whether the state Senate will authorize a teacher evaluation bill that would take effect immediately if approved.
Eastern Michigan University won’t renew Inkster school’s charter
Nov 6, 8:02 AM: Eastern Michigan University will not renew its charter with an Inkster school, the university announced Wednesday.
Effort to Short Circuit School Choice Laid Out
Nov 3, 7:35 AM: House Democrats have announced legislation that completes the charter public school policy they would likely pursue if they gain control of that chamber. Under the House Democrats’ plan, a moratorium on new charter schools would be >
Jacques: Slow down on charter school reform (CER in the news)
Oct 24, 9:21 AM: Michigan charter schools are feeling a little picked on lately. Since July, these public schools which educate about 10 percent of the state’s students have received nearly 100 percent of the criticism coming from Democratic >
Bay City Academy superintendent responds to Michigan bill calling for charter school transparency
Oct 24, 9:14 AM: State lawmakers this week formally introduced legislation calling for more transparency from Michigan charter schools.
Charter authorizers meet key deadline, but not off hook
Oct 24, 5:11 AM: Despite meeting a deadline this week to fix a number of administrative issues, 11 Michigan charter school authorizers under threat of suspension by the Michigan Department of Education are not out of hot water yet.
Underserved or Misunderstood?
Oct 22, 7:36 AM:

One of 11 MI state authorizers at risk of suspension for financial and academic reasons. Explains both citations against it and reasons explaining how grouping together many diversely performing schools skew perception of >

Equal Playing Field
Oct 22, 5:25 AM:

New bill ensures that charters must meet same public school charters and refuses to grant new charters until requirements are met. Lists a few clear examples of regulations, but counterpoints chalk legislation up to a political >

Oct 20, 8:40 AM:

Measuring the Reliability of the Detroit Free Press: State of Charter Schools, released today by The Media Bullpen©, found the Detroit Free Press news outlet to be only ten percent reliable in its June 22-29, 2014 series on >



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