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2 state school board members come out against EAA expansion
Mar 13, 7:42 AM: Two members of the State Board of Education issued a statement Wednesday saying legislation to expand the Education Achievement Authority should not move forward because it creates an “unregulated marketplace” that is damaging to >
Parents, teachers speak against proposed special education changes in Michigan
Mar 11, 7:12 AM: At a public hearing in Detroit, parents and educators expressed anger, dismay and confusion Monday about proposed changes to how special education students are taught in Michigan.
Detroit schools project always keeps virtual classroom open
Mar 10, 6:56 AM: Detroit Public Schools educates the largest number of children in the state — nearly 50,000 — yet outside school, its students are among the most disconnected, with 70 percent lacking Internet access at home.
Editorial: Year-round education pilots in at-risk schools worthy of state’s investment
Mar 7, 7:36 AM:
We’re not prepared to endorse a wholesale move to year-round public schools in Michigan, but it’s a reform that merits serious consideration. Appropriating dollars that would allow at-risk schools to test an expanded school >
Charter Results Impressive
Mar 6, 8:27 AM: Students at four MI charter schools are achieving great heights, and have all together reached the top graduation rates in the state.  Traditional MI schools highlighted achieved lower graduation rates for the same school >
MI Eggs In One Basket
Feb 20, 8:20 AM:

MI has decided to allow other entities to turnaround failing schools, not just the Education Achievement Authority.  Some say the statewide recovery school district represented the state putting all of their eggs in one basket. >

Ensuring Implementation Of Online Testing
Jan 28, 9:19 AM:

MI is looking to replace the traditional pencil and paper tests with online ones, but is having trouble with implementation as the technology in many of the schools is inadequate.  Students themselves are looking forward to online >

Recovery District’s Future Cloudy
Dec 30, 9:00 AM:

Michigan's Education Achievement Authority, the state-wide recovery district that has tried to turn around failing schools, has an uncertain future as lawmakers will be deciding if the program should be expanded.  The debate is >

Detroit Rescue Mission
Dec 13, 7:31 AM:

State education chief calls for more comprehensive approach to turning around failing schools in Detroit. Claims piecemeal solutions aren't working, need to inject funds and resources into academically and financially troubled >

Speeding Up Reform Of Failed Schools
Dec 6, 7:16 AM:

Critics of a MI proposal for creating a letter grading system for schools are angered by the speed at which failing schools will be transferred to state school reform office. They question also viability of the statewide agency, >

MI Proposal To End Dropping Out
Dec 5, 6:45 AM:

A proposal from legislators in MI say that in order to reduce the dropout rate, no student could advance from third to fourth grade without passing the state's third grade assessment.  Some are afraid this will lead to third >

MI Recovery District Enrollment Dropping
Nov 22, 7:50 AM:

MI's Education Achievement Authority, a statewide recovery district that opened in 2011 15 schools, has seen its enrollment drop by 24%.  Some say that this is due to normal lower-than usual performance since the schools that were >

Enrollment High In Detroit
Nov 1, 6:50 AM:

Enrollment surge in Detroit is causing mixed reaction from the district, because of problems with class sizes.  The increase comes after the district launched an aggressive enrollment campaign. Officials glad that families are >

Color MI Skeptical On School Grading
Oct 28, 2:10 PM:

Concerns over what some view as unclear color coded school evaluation system. Current legislative proposal will revamp system to shift over to letter grades and eliminate top-to-bottom school rankings. Policy community urges tight >

MI Virtual School’s Budget Impacts
Oct 24, 6:00 AM:

One MI district is looking to implement and finally takeover a virtual program from another district, and is hoping to save money in the process.  Article spends no time on issue and focuses on district board of education's >

What’s Your Number?
Oct 3, 5:48 PM:

Each Michigan school district took time to count their students in accordance with annual count day. Only two districts’ numbers are up from last year. DOE uses numbers to determine funding for the year.

Enrollment Doubles After Cap Lifted
Sep 27, 5:40 AM:

After the removal of the enrollment cap in MI, one virtual school's population doubled in size.  Cyber students from the school went on a field trip and are not missing out on the social aspect of their education.

Virtual School Off To Good Start
Sep 25, 6:03 AM:

A MI public virtual school is in its inaugural year and is happy to provide to its students highly qualified teachers, though they are taking some time to learn new techniques to educate online better.  Officials say the school >

Students Making Gains In Unique Charter
Sep 24, 11:12 AM:

In the Muskegon Heights District, Michigan, students are making gains at a faster rate than under the old system. The public school district became the states first full privatized district recently. The district is now run by a >

Agassi Helps Fund Detroit Charter
Sep 16, 11:13 AM:

Tennis great Andre Agassi's charter school fund helps open new school in Detroit area. Funds help with purchasing and renovating new facility. School curriculum to emphasize arts, theater, dance and music. Agassi cites inability >



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