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Lawmaker: Vouchers can fix Detroit’s education woes
Sep 17, 4:48 AM: A state lawmaker says a key to fixing Detroit schools is giving parents an Educational Opportunity Card that would allow them to use state funding to send their children to whatever public or private school they want.
Some suffer, others thrive under schools of choice
Sep 14, 5:07 AM: There are currently more than 3,000 students who live in Lansing but attend public schools elsewhere in the area, according to state data. To put it in perspective, Lansing lost an average of 460 students each year in the past >
Lansing tries to stem schools of choice tide
Sep 14, 5:04 AM: More than 3,000 students living in the Lansing School District were enrolled in neighboring districts under schools of choice last year, taking with them more than $22 million in per pupil state funding.
Detroit school for teen moms graduates first class ever
Sep 2, 8:52 AM: Pathways Academy, a Detroit Public Schools charter that opened last year, aims to offer a brighten future by catering specifically to teen moms, those who are pregnant or already have children.
Bills reveal Snyder’s schools plan: Increased oversight
Sep 1, 4:48 AM: Financially troubled school districts in Michigan would become empowerment zones controlled by education managers with sweeping powers to oversee both charter schools and traditional public schools under draft legislation generated >
Lenawee County to gain its first charter school
Aug 10, 7:12 AM: Lenawee County’s first public charter school will open for the upcoming academic year in the form of LifeTech Academy, which is based in Lansing and calls itself “Michigan’s Cyber School."
Local charters, district schools targeted by state to avoid financial crisis
Aug 7, 7:28 AM: Thirteen of the 171 Michigan school districts and charter schools affected by early financial warning legislation signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder on July 7 are in Kent and Ottawa counties.
New charter school boosts Chaldean, Assyrian cultures
Aug 7, 7:05 AM: Nathan Kalasho spent seven years nurturing a big dream — to create a school that preserved the Chaldean, Assyrian and Syriac cultures. But as that vision turns to reality with the September opening of Keys Grace Academy Charter >
Livingston Classical Academy won’t open this year
Aug 6, 8:32 AM:

Livingston Classical Academy will not open its doors to students this school year as planned because it failed to obtain a charter in time. Instead, school officials will continue to search for an authorizer with hope to open in >

Chaldean charter first of its kind in nation
Aug 4, 7:09 AM:

Iraqi-born Dunia Hormez has always tried to pass on her Chaldean culture to her children even as they have attended public schools. Next month, her lessons at home will be reinforced when she sends five of her kids to what >

Online charter school’s success pays off for tiny public school district
Aug 4, 6:11 AM: Schroeder says the online charter school had 2,800 students at the end of this school year. That’s nearly twice as many kids as the public school district in Manistee that charters it.
Bucking trend, charter schools fail to gain foothold in Kalamazoo
Jul 30, 6:31 AM:

With fanfare in late April, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in suburban Kalamazoo County for Great Lakes Explorations Academy, a new charter school scheduled to open this fall.

Choice and Mobility
Jul 29, 7:34 AM:

More and more families are opting to move their children out of the schools they would attend by residency to neighboring districts through Michigan's popular school of choice program. But a new study for the first time reveals >

For one Detroit family, finding the right school in a sea of choices
Jul 15, 6:52 AM: For a lot of families, the days of enrolling in your neighborhood school are over. The new norm, especially for middle class families, is to criss-cross the city to find the best option. Over the past year, Rittenour and Grassi have >
Authorizers Split
Jul 15, 5:40 AM:

To better govern MI schools, two authorizers split into two boards. Programs and principals will remain effort to conquer complexities of governing the schools. Lacks important data on the schools. 

Help At Private School
Jul 14, 8:31 AM:

In MI, families find help for students with special needs in parochial schools.  Provides fair explanation of lack of school choice in this state overall.

MI Charter Growth Slows
Jul 14, 6:30 AM:
Michigan's proliferation of charter schools is easing for the first time in years. Only seven new charter schools will be opening in the state in the fall — the fewest since the Legislature lifted the cap on university-authorized >
Virtual academy gets concrete results
Jul 8, 7:28 AM: In the past six years, more than 250 students who weren’t finding success in traditional schools have earned high school or general education diplomas through the St. Clair County Virtual Learning Academy.
Albion superintendent wants other districts to stop busing school-of-choice kids
Jul 8, 5:09 AM: The superintendent of Albion Public Schools wants nearby districts to stop sending buses to Albion to pick up school-of-choice students.
For kids in Detroit, a good school may not last
Jun 30, 8:06 AM: It’s a pretty common experience in Detroit, where students switch schools 2.5 times more frequently than kids in the rest of the state.



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