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MEAP testing may get tougher
Feb 8, 10:08 AM:

Michigan considering raising passing score for achievement test and rethinking tenure based on student proficiency. About time to raise the bar, but what happens if many schools deemed low-performing?

N.C. Education Lottery Transfers Funds
Feb 4, 12:35 PM:

Most of the proceeds from the lottery in North Carolina fund education. We would like to know more about the programs it funds and whether some programs would not exist without out the lottery.

Zero tolerance rules can doom some good students
Feb 4, 10:04 AM:

In Michigan black boys find themselves on a direct path from school to prison. Shines light on a societal problem that will ultimately affect us all but offers no possible solutions.

University High wants to chart its own path to success
Jan 20, 12:32 PM:

According to The Macomb Daily, the school district of Ferndale MI is working to keep open a charter school geared towards college preparation without grants.  Grants would force them to change the way the charter operates.  The >

University High wants to chart its own path to success
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Jan 20, 11:01 AM:

Ferndale, MI, School District Superintendent declines additional funding grant for its successful University High to preserve the school's track record and avoid unnecessary interference and red tape.   Nearly all graduates move >



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