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Panel to study more college courses in high school
Jul 27, 12:36 PM:

ME Gov LePage sets up task force to look at how high school students earn postsecondary/university credits and recommend policies to expand these opportunities. Among the options, the 5-year high school plan. Good background and >

Property wealth, wages and enrollment should drive education funding fix
Jul 11, 1:29 PM:

Editorial urges ME to re-think ed funding formula, explaining how more money for rural districts hurts urban ones. Detailed explanation of complex subject, highlighting unfairness in distribution. Well thought-out argument for >

Charter schools history a boon for our program
Jun 30, 6:43 AM:

Editorial considers potential benefits of new charter law. Schools can try new ideas and learn from 40 states' experience. Corrects common misconceptions and argues convincingly that one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for all >

Charter school law a chance to try new things
Jun 30, 6:38 AM:

Thoughtful reflection by Press Herald as ME approves charter legislation for first time. Makes insightful observation that state has unique opportunity to learn from successes and failures of charters elsewhere. Gently discredits >

Bill to allow Maine’s first charter schools approved
Jun 29, 6:46 AM:

41st state waiting only for Gov's signature to enact charter law. Opts for cautious approach with 10-year, 10-school pilot, limited enrollment. Good outline of bill, but unanswered questions about funding and how much autonomy >

New school meal regulations spark cost worries
Jun 27, 9:46 AM:

Article has two-fold focus -- increasing food prices associated with healthier menus and proposed cuts to school lunch programs, both provisions of bill being considered in U.S. House. Comprehensive. Neither issue shortchanged. >

Augusta schools see truancy drop of 36 percent
Jun 21, 2:16 PM:

ME district truancy rate falls. Brief article offers few specifics on how accomplished but mentions threat of taking parents of truant students to court. Would like to know if any schools actually had to make good on threat.

Charter schools approved by House
Jun 16, 11:07 AM:

After a lengthy debate, charter bill wins favor of House; already passed Senate. Nice explanation of charters. But few specifics on this bill, including info on Charter School Commission and possible authorizers. Next steps in >

Charter schools measure wins Maine Senate support
Jun 15, 6:36 AM:

ME, one of 10 states without charter legislation, takes first step toward inaugural law. Bill would limit number of children who can enroll; caps number of charters at 10 in 10 years. Why? Need to know rationale. Analysis of >

Education commissioner wraps up 100-day ‘listening tour’
Jun 10, 9:27 AM:

ME education commissioner concludes his "listening tour" which took him around state visiting schools. Would like to know more about what he hoped to accomplish. More important, what has he learned?

Maine House OKs school tax subsidy bills
Jun 1, 10:04 AM:

State House approves $1000 tax credits for private school tuition, but rejects subsidies. Brief glimpse allows no space to go into details, or to discuss pros and cons of bill. With no charter law, ME lags behind other states in >

The charter school solution: The best — or worst — idea ever?
May 30, 7:01 AM:

Begins as a story about charters gaining traction in ME. Unveils history of the charter movement, along with pros and cons, then ties back into ME legislation. Worthwhile read thanks to big picture and nitty-gritty details.

Charter school bill should be made law
May 25, 6:07 AM:

Commonsense arguments for supporting charter bill. Editorial effectively cuts through myths and makes case for alternative to one-size-fits all approach. Charters aren't the answer for all students, but they've been the answer for >

Charter schools boosted by strong support on Education Committee
May 23, 6:27 AM:

Lawmakers are close to approving charters in ME. Huge public support, but report still focuses on negatives and repeats inaccuracies. Charters don't "siphon" money from traditional schools; money follows students. Law proposes >

Education commissioner praises standards-based education
May 18, 12:50 PM:

ME's ed commissioner advocates "standards-based" education. Details how this kind of ed is different from current system, but nothing on where it's currently in use, how well it works and how student progress is assessed.


Senate rejects longer school year in Maine
May 17, 12:18 PM:

ME Senate shoots down bill extending school year. Advocates say state's school year is too short, while opponents say move is too expensive. Dig deeper into argument. Move to boost learning? Shouldn't forget that quality needs to >

Tide is turning toward approving charter schools
May 17, 6:14 AM:

Push for charter schools may be stymied by the "four horsemen" of status quo: union, school boards, superintendents, principals. Nice analogy, but would like to hear more about status of legislation and specific criticism of >

Charter school friends, foes testify in Augusta
May 13, 6:08 AM:

Advocates make compelling case for bill that would allow charter schools in state. Article allows false claims to go unanswered. Funding follows students, and studies show charters have helped improve student performance. Include >

Give Charters a Chance
May 12, 11:58 AM:

Editorial calls for Maine to embrace charters. Notes pervasive problems with current system and how increased funding has yielded few results. Schools targeting at-risk or special needs students could find a big audience. Smaller >

Lots of work left
May 9, 6:05 AM:

Teacher union "gearing up" for battle over charter school bill that will be heard this week in Ed Committee. Yet, union says it's okay with innovation and may support some type of non-traditional school. So, what's up? Battle or >



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