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Parents urge board members to keep school open
Apr 7, 1:34 PM:

Parents and students in East Baton Rouge plead with leaders to keep their school open, raising concerns about closure's impact. No clue as to   why the system wants it shuttered. What's the academic program and the school's >

Suit against single-sex classes still alive
Apr 7, 8:40 AM:

Appeals court refuses to dismiss suit against single-sex classes at Vermilion, LA middle school. Parents and ACLU claim discrimination. No info on why school has policy. Show evidence of single-sex achievement elsewhere.

St. Landry charter school officials pitch plan
Apr 6, 11:43 AM:

Representatives present plan to school board for proposed charter school. Nothing here about the charter or what made board reject past proposals.


Would be good to know if there are any charters in the district and how well >

Higher education officials support tuition fee increases at Legislature
Apr 1, 8:46 AM:

Louisiana higher ed officials support Gov's budget that would allow higher tutition fees for students. What's the projected increase and how will it impact number of enrollees, graduates?


Ed officials say Gov's budget would >

Virtual charter school first for La.
Mar 30, 6:04 AM:

Virtual K-12 charter school for Pelican State students to open next fall. Provides alternative for students who aren't served well by traditional model. Curriculum aligns with state standards, but who's running it? Controversy >

Charter groups get $2.3 million
Mar 30, 5:32 AM:

Three proven charter groups get federal grant money for startups or takeovers in Louisiana. Tells us charters shortchanged when it comes to operational funds, but what's state's charter law like when it comes to funding in >

Deadline is Friday for state's tuition assistance program for special-needs students
Mar 29, 3:50 PM:

Families in 4 La.parishes  must apply by Friday for new tuition-assistance for K-8 special-needs students. No program descriptions or application, though eligible schools (they have forms) and disabilities listed.


Compare, >

Online charter school to accept applications
Mar 29, 10:08 AM:

New online charter to open for up to 500 students in Louisiana, though at least one state board member whined about money not being spent the old fashioned way. Respond to skeptics of financial needs of virtual schools. Don't just >

Jefferson Parish School Board studying grade size expansion at magnet schools
Mar 25, 3:37 PM:

A Jefferson Parish, LA, board member wants to increase student spots at area advanced studies secondary schools by about 20%. Tell more about  how feeder magnet schools are preparing students for this opportunity.

New Recovery School District superintendent could be named in next 30 days
Mar 25, 3:13 PM:

State Supt  wants a new, experienced chief for Recovery School District, to take charge soon and turn aound failing schools, mostly in New Orleans. Role of charters in improving education here should be amplified.

Board OKs master plan
Mar 25, 2:40 PM:

Caddo Parish, LA, School Board approves 3-year plan closing, consolidating several schools. Much opposition. Nothing about criteria for closures, how are charters impacted, or if  plan increases class sizes.

Jindal watches Waiting for Superman
Mar 23, 4:32 PM:

Waiting for Superman hit at Gov's event. Wins praise from State Super. and boos from union, who says no successful teacher shown from traditional public school. Nice to hear about movie night. But, more insightful would be if film >

3 meetings set on virtual school
Mar 23, 3:55 PM:

Short announcement about info sessions on Pelican State's first virtual charter school. Details missing about curriculum and management. Virtual options are becoming viable alternatives for students across the nation. Did state >

Voucher Applicants Seek Alternatives to Disruptions of Public Schools
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Mar 22, 5:52 AM:

Pelican State considers expanding voucher program. Must mean it's working? You mention vouchers don't always cover full cost of tuition, so what about students who want out but can't afford it? Coverage ignores fact that 60% of >

Charter schools process revised
Mar 9, 11:41 AM:

Some Louisiana charter schools were allocated startup funds while others were denied money. Left unclear why -- decisions evidently based on evaluations of school applications, but assessment system should be spelled out. "We >

Harvest charter application back before Board
Feb 25, 8:19 AM:

Group seeks to open Harvest Prep Academy for N. Lafayette students stuck in subpar schools. Approaching school board with "slightly changed" application after denial in 2009, and denial from state board in 2010. Details on LA >

Second-chance high school in Harvey honors its first group of graduates
Feb 18, 9:37 AM:

First graduation for Louisiana charter helping students complete high school who likely wouldn't have finished in traditional setting. Reporting laced with praise on teacher attention and individually-paced learning, but issue >

Education funding locked in
Feb 17, 10:54 AM:

Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved a 'standstill' budget, welcome news for local boards worried that funding would be cut. Explanation of funding allocation but no review of how well that now shapes >

Schools worry about making the grade
Feb 15, 9:32 AM:

New letter grade ranking system for schools started in attempt to better inform familes of school performance. Varying concerns over fairness addressed but more could be done to report on what those grades mean. Full picture >

Huge New Algiers School More Than Half Empty
Feb 8, 3:20 PM:

Recovery School District built schools that exceed current population. It is unknown why such a disconnect occurred  -- more details needed to understand heart of the problem.



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