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Vote expected Monday on Ind. charter school bill
Jan 26, 12:08 PM:

Nice reporting on the elements of a new bill expanding Indiana's charter school law. Could have offered more detail on why Democrats are objecting to some of the changes. The same anti-charter diatribes or real concerns?

Daniels should go back to school for anti-bullying lesson
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Jan 26, 11:34 AM:

Comparing higher education to lower education is comparing apples and oranges. Shouldn't the views of employers be taken into account as to how well native Hoosiers are prepared for today's demanding jobs?



Charter school bill OK'd
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Jan 25, 1:43 PM:

A good bill can be made better. Allowing multiple authorizers for charters is a very good reform. Hoosier writers should look at how well New York City charters operate in public schools. 

Give parents the choice: public or private school
Jan 25, 10:59 AM:

Editorial supports school reform, but there are no facts to back the article up. Indiana has a strong charter school program. Readers should learn about it. Why not from this piece?

Panel OKs bill to expand state charter schools
Jan 25, 10:54 AM:

A good summary of what proposed legislation would do to expand charter schools in the context of a story on the action of a legislative committee's deliberations. The school cites Democratic objections to the proposal to allow >

Charter school legislation clears
Jan 25, 10:17 AM:

Kudos to Indiana for trying to more >

Measure could spark more charter schools in Indiana
Jan 20, 12:55 PM:


Charter school advocates say pending Indiana legislation would be among the best charter school bills in the nation. But while the author details criticism of the proposal, the story fails to expand upon proponents' views.


Students test to attend top Detroit high schools
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Jan 20, 10:30 AM:

Schools are being closed in Detroit, attendance is declining, students are competing for spots in the few high schools that are left.... Can charter schools fill the gap and improve student performance?

Close, but no cigar
Jan 4, 6:21 PM:

Reforms like those being proposed by Gov. Daniels don't need more money, just rejiggering of current dollars. Kudos for trying.



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