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Candidates want accountability
Mar 23, 10:43 AM:

IL school board race hinges on accountability. A thorough look at the candidates and their ideas for boosting educational quality in district that's has lagged behind in state test scores for the last 9 years. No clue how these >

Illinois teacher pension system nearly $40 billion in the hole
Mar 23, 5:39 AM:

Rundown of teacher pension system breakdown in IL. No drama, just facts supported by financial reports. Want to know more about why Chicago's pension situation much less dire. What did they do that rest of state didn't? >

Proposed bills would tie higher-ed funding to student performance
Mar 21, 9:31 AM:

Some IL lawmakers want to tie state funding for colleges and universities to how well students do in class. New bill before the legislature is intended to boost graduation rates. Missing here are specific numbers on dropout rates >

Illinois schools have fired more than 2,600 teachers this year
Mar 17, 6:44 AM:

New IL State Board of Ed data shows more than 2,600 state teachers are jobless because of budget cuts that helped reduce the number of school districts in serious financial trouble. Instead of touting "fewer" in dire straights, >

Charter high school at Richland Community College postponed
Mar 14, 9:21 AM:

The opening of a charter high school in IL is being delayed by a year. The Early College Charter School scheduled to open this August won't welcome students until August 2012, at the earliest. Students and faculty at Richland >

Teachers prep students for ISAT tests this week
Mar 7, 4:07 PM:

Proficiency level on IL state tests upped from 77.5% to 85%. Details what's being done to help all kids meet goals, but coverage isn't enthusiastic about testing --  "schools and ultimately children are being harmed by it". Can >

Quinn defends call for merging school districts
Mar 7, 10:52 AM:

Illinois' Gov. Quinn proposes plan to consolidate state's more than 860 school districts, including 200 administering only one school. State Board of Ed "carefully" considering plan. In a time of tight budgets, what is the reason >

School choice opposed at Scranton teachers forum
Mar 7, 7:49 AM:

Run-away train bashing of vouchers. Only the union party line is covered. No rebuttal means no reporting.

A parent revolution
Mar 3, 6:21 AM:

Editorial reflects on parent trigger law issues in CA, since same law touted in Chicago Mayor-elect's reform plan (along with teacher evaluation based on student academic gains). Opines legislation won't meet same difficulties >

Quinn defends call for merging school districts
Mar 2, 4:43 PM:

Announcement that IL Gov. still stands by proposal to merge school districts to save money, since 200 of them contain only one school. Short piece brings up a myriad of questions: Is someone challenging Gov's position? Who and how >

Inquirer Editorial: Voucher bill doesn't pass | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/27/2011
Feb 28, 8:56 AM:

Sounds alarm against PA voucher bill for several reasons, including money.  Proof in pudding, but there's no pudding here. Doesn't consider the money-follow-the-child argument. Cautions that private schools won't take voucher >

Experts say unions largely safe in Illinois (45)
Feb 23, 9:52 AM:

A look at the union troubles in Wisc. and elsewhere leads this reporter to conclude trouble is not coming to the Land of Lincoln any time soon. Teachers union has more friends, they claim, even though some say pensions need to be >

Is Illinois Safe?
Feb 22, 10:13 AM:

Collective bargaining for public employees may not be on table in IL as it is in WI, pension rights may be, though. Notes that teacher union made political inroads with both sides of aisle, which could protect their interests. >

Charter school argues it's private
Feb 22, 8:58 AM:

Teachers at Chicago charter try to unionize, officials attest citing autonomy that makes charters fundamentally distinct from traditional public schools. No mention of charter law specifics. Only hints that problem is one cropping >

New Year's challenge for ESL
Feb 11, 10:47 AM:

Columinst wonders what it will take for East St. Louis citizens to take local government to task for waste and corruption, particularly in education. Still, voter apathy isn't unique to East St. Louis.

Legislators eye education bill
Feb 9, 2:04 PM:

Lawmakers seeking to reform tenure, collective bargaining -- unions disagree with latter. Would've been beneficial to discuss issues in terms of how they affect students.

Editorial: State nix new spending bills
Feb 8, 1:03 PM:

Ill. bill would create new Dept. of Ed.  Will create more bureaucracy.  Check.  More funding for more admin. people.  Check.  Want to know better ways to spend $$, like directly on kids, perhaps.

Illinois Llawmakers propose costly new bills
Feb 7, 1:57 PM:

Il. lawmakers are rearranging the DOE because of budget cuts. Bringing DOE under one umbrella will help with wasteful spending and pinning blame on others. In light of this, the status quo was never raised in the article.

Chicago Public School Students Weather Storm, Learn Math Using DimensionU
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Feb 4, 2:46 PM:

Gaming software offers a new, fun way to continue learning despite school closures! Article mentions the games are effective, but is it only when combined with classroom instruction? Data on digital learning is needed here.

Charter idea shouldn't get lost in issues
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Feb 2, 11:04 AM:

A report on how the opening of a new charter "appears" to be a good idea. Well, get over the fence! It doesn’t just appear to be a good idea, it IS a good idea. The only other charter in the area is a resounding success. >



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