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Lawmakers Weigh School Reform Bill
Feb 11, 9:28 AM:

Legislation could allow parents to replace staff, turn into charter, or close failing schools. Could mention school performance -- you don't tell us if anything else is being done to turn around subpar schools. And what else can >

Ga. Lawmakers Weigh Drastic School Reform Bill
Feb 11, 8:32 AM:

Parent-trigger proposal introduced in Ga. Unions say parents should be involved long before schools fail. Profile of exactly what poor-perfoming means may shed light that even with strong PTA, kids still may not learn to read, >

Panel won't try to stop charter school closing
Feb 10, 10:12 AM:

Board of education has ruled that it will allow a charter school to shutter. The school has problems with finances, enrollment, and curriculum. What will happen to all those students who attend the school? You would have no idea >

Ga. school districts revamping bullying policies
Feb 4, 3:07 PM:

School districts have been changing bullying policies. State Ed. Dept. wants more specific guidelines. Wide support for the issue, but no mention of what specific things need to be done. 

Private school funds near cap
Feb 3, 2:43 PM:

More Ga. private schools use private school tax credit.  State close to $50m cap.  Great balance of tug-of-war between raise-the-cap advocates and usual anti-tax-credit suspects.  Down economy factor as public schools face budget >

Free public charter school to be discussed
Jan 31, 11:59 AM:

Brief report on desire to start a charter school.  What are the tough questions that should be asked? Will local school district exempt a new charter school from its rules? That can promote more innovation. 

Jailed for choosing different school
Jan 31, 10:46 AM:

A mother thrown in jail for sneaking her daughter into a better school. A thoughtful and reasonable story about an incident of extremism committed by a school district against better education, choice, and compassion.

Principals quiz rep. on teacher legislation
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Jan 26, 12:47 PM:

Finally some info on how teacher performance will be evaluated, at least in the state of Georgia. Great article on the details of a proposed standardized system in GA. A comparison with other states would be a useful addition. >

Hundreds Rally for School Choice at Georgia State Capitol
Jan 26, 10:52 AM:

The writer highlights the desire of families and lawmakers to have school choice, but I would like to know more about Georgia's plans for charter schools and school choice.

Bill Proposed to Expand School Voucher System
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Jan 25, 2:53 PM:

A brief report on Chip Rogers pushing for vouchers in Georgia as part of his dream to make school choice available to everyone. The article explains his reasoning but not much more. For example, are vouchers already popular in >

State can't afford education cuts
Jan 20, 12:00 PM:

Education is integral to the United States economic prospects and its ability to compete globally, but increasing education budgets doesn't necessarily lead to better performance, as the U.S. has continually increased education >

Budget looks brighter for 2012, but cuts still remain in education funding
Jan 20, 10:53 AM:

Lawmakers are limiting themselves by focusing squarely on furloughs, especially when budget cuts are not the end of the world. In tough economic times, discussing fiscal efficiency would make more sense, rather than temporary >

Education group doesn't seek tax hike
Jan 20, 10:41 AM:

An advocacy group calls for better schools without raising taxes. Funds could come from secondary sources. But will the state use the money to give tenure to teachers, who may or may not deserve it, or will it expand GA's school >

The Alain Locke Initiative Announces Plan to Create Elite National Corps of High-Impact Charter School Leaders - WGGB abc40/FOX 6: News, Weather, Sports: Springfield, MA
Jan 18, 11:27 AM:

The Ryan Foundation makes an initial commitment of five million dollars to....

Tax increase to end Georgia education cuts sees more support
Jan 18, 11:24 AM:

Lorem ipsum. This is a test of the system.

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Moves toward merit pay in Georgia
Jan 4, 5:29 PM:

A teacher's effectiveness has the most impact on student achievement. So emphasizing student performance is the right way to go, as this news person points out. Only problem is that he misses the fact that "greater" should be >



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